4th Rongmei Freshers’ Meet cum Cultural Day 2023 Delhi-NCR successfully held

Delhi: The 4th Rongmei Freshers’ Meet cum Cultural Day 2023 Delhi-NCR, organized by the Rongmei Phwam Delhi (RPD), in collaboration with the Rongmei Chamnac Phwam Delhi (RCPD) and Ruangmei Charitable Society (RCS), has concluded in an exultant celebration of Rongmei heritage and exceptional accomplishments, stated a press release by Rongmei Phwam Delhi. The event was held on October 14, 2023, at the Daulat Ram College Auditorium (Sadbhavna Bhawan), Delhi University, North Campus, Delhi, under the theme “Building True Leadership with Integrity and Patriotism.” G Gaingam, adviser, Rongmei Naga People’s Organization, graced the event as the resource person and the event was successfully organized with Rev Dr Kamthui Panmei (adviser, RPD) as the program convener, and Namkandai Gonmei as the program secretary.

The Rongmei Phwam Delhi expresses, “It was a day that united the Rongmei community especially for the Rongmei people living in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) to come together and to honor the rich cultural legacy and extend a warm welcome to newcomers in the city.”

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This day-long event was a gathering of the Rongmei community, kicking off with a noon luncheon from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, followed by a captivating program that extended until 8:00 pm. The event hosts, Lungchuipou Panmei and Kabichungliu Kamei, guided the audience through two captivating sessions.

The event commenced with the stirring Rongmei Anthem. A heartfelt opening prayer was led by Luh Ninguang Kamei, Pastor of Rehoboth Church Delhi, and the Mailapmei, a traditional fire-making ceremony, was performed by Ringamlung Panmei and Pouning Panmei.

According to the press statement, the stage came alive with the enchanting Rongmei Cultural Dance performed by the Rongmei Women Cultural Dance Troupe Delhi (RWCDTD). Levi Thaimei, chairman of RPD, delivered a warm welcome speech, followed by the introduction of freshers, gift presentations, and a blessing prayer for the freshers, led by Rev Thomas Kahmei, Pastor of Community Bible Church Delhi (CBCD). J Francis Kamei [Assistant Professor, Satyawati College (Eve), DU] delivered a motivating speech on behalf of the senior members, and the event was further enhanced by a special song performed by Namdisin Kamei, a renowned singer/songwriter/composer. The resource person, G Gaingam, adviser of RNPO, delivered an insightful speech on “Building True Leadership with Integrity and Patriotism,” emphasizing the importance of vision, commitment, dedication, and sacrifice in leadership.

The first session concluded with a special song by Namdisin Kamei. After a 15-minute interlude, the second session featured captivating performances by Namdisin Kamei and a mesmerizing Rongmei cultural show, highlighting the rich traditions and attires of the Rongmei people. The event was further enriched by the participation of a cultural dance troupe from Burari Rongmei Kids, who delighted the audience with their renditions of traditional Rongmei songs and dances.

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The event witnessed the meticulous selection of Mr and Miss Freshers through a panel of esteemed judges. This panel included individuals of exceptional merit and expertise: Gaisangliu Gonmei (senior chief cabin crew at Alliance Air), Peichun Gangmei (president of RCPD), Duanthaoliu Panmei (assistant professor at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University), Sinchuilung Gangmei (assistant professor at Motilal Nehru College, Delhi University), Rebecca Remmei (proprietor of Remmei Hair & Beauty). This panel meticulously assessed the candidates, culminating in the selection of the top six finalists. In a spirited competition, Khuanjangam Rongmei was honored with the title of Fresher, while Luanghiam Ruangmei was crowned Fresher of the 4th Rongmei Freshers Meet cum Cultural Day 2023 in Delhi-NCR.

Adding to the significance of this recognition, Athengpou Gangmei, Executive Engineer at the Border Roads Organization (BRO), generously sponsored the cash prizes for Mr and Ms Freshers. His steadfast commitment to supporting this event has indeed made a meaningful impact.

The Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR Committee for the year 2023 marked a momentous occasion by bestowing a range of prestigious awards across various categories. These accolades recognize exceptional accomplishments in the fields of social work, competitive exams, academic excellence, entrepreneurship, music, and the esteemed Rani Gaidinliu Award. The committee responsible for this honorable task included distinguished individuals: Rev Dr Kadimna Gangmei (Adviser, RPD), Levi Thaimei (Chairman, RPD), and Rev Thomas Kahmei (Executive Member, RPD & Advisor, RCPD).

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Notably, Dr Jailoungam Gonmei, a consultant in Radiology at Alshifa Multispeciality Hospital, Okhla, New Delhi, generously sponsored the cash prizes for the Rongmei Achievers Award 2023. His unwavering commitment to bolstering the event through this sponsorship has undeniably left a significant and lasting impact.

The recipients of the Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR for 2023 are as follows:

1. Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR 2023 in the Field of Social Work: Machunlung Kamei, IRS, recognized for his unwavering dedication and commitment to serving the Rongmei Community in Delhi & NCR as the first Chairman of the Rongmei Phwam Delhi (Rongmei Council Delhi NCR) during one tenure (2017-2021).

2. Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR 2023 in the Field of Competitive Exams (3 recipients): Loveson Gangmei and K Sharon Rongmei, acknowledged for their outstanding achievement in clearing the prestigious Staff Selection Commission Central Police Organization (SSC CPO) exam, securing the position of Sub-Inspector (SI) in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Additionally, Mathiukungliu Gangmei also received the award in the same category of Competitive exams in recognition of her outstanding achievement in clearing the prestigious Food Corporation of India (FCI) Assistant Grade 3 (Accounts) Exam, with the result declared on 1st June 2023.

3. Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR 2023 in the Field of Academics (3 recipients): Riamei Chun Joyce, Obedient Kahmei and Jemima G Kamsuan were honored for their outstanding academic excellence.

4. Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR 2023 in the Field of Entrepreneurs (2 recipients): D Thongongthui, recognized for his remarkable success as an entrepreneur and his role as the Managing Director/Real Estate Owner of United Builder India (UBI). Additionally, Sangailungliu Riamei received the award in the same category for her dynamic entrepreneurship and roles as the Co-Founder of Angrakhaa and the Owner of Tribal Roots.

5. Rongmei Achievers Award Delhi NCR 2023 in the Field of Music: Awarded to Namdisin Kamei, in recognition of his remarkable contributions to Rongmei music.

6. The distinguished Rani Gaidinliu Award was presented to G Gaingam, in recognition of his extraordinary dedication and unwavering commitment to the betterment of the Rongmei Naga Tribe.

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Furthermore, the event witnessed the participation of Nambu Riamei, Finance Secretary of RPD. He addressed the gathering, expressing profound gratitude for the public’s unwavering support and dedication to RPD and RCPD, especially for their membership fee contributions. Additionally, Riamei conveyed his appreciation to the esteemed Patron Donors of the ‘RPD & RCPD Corpus Fund 2023.’ As a token of love and appreciation, certificates of appreciation were distributed to all the patron donors on behalf of RPD, acknowledging their invaluable contributions and commitment to our organization. The event also featured an enthralling Pazeihmei, a folk song and dance performance that engaged the audience and celebrated the rich Rongmei culture. The enthralling Pazeihmei was led by Dimkulung Pamei (Sports & Cultural Secretary, RPD), D Thongongthui (Managing Director, United Builder India) and the Rongmei Women Cultural Dance Troupe Delhi (RWCDTD).

The second session reached new heights with an exhilarating entertainment segment featuring renowned artistes, Leander Kamson and Mathiuhuam Kamei, both accomplished singer/songwriter/composers. Their electrifying live performances enthralled the audience. These artists enjoy a large and devoted fan base, making them even more popular.

The event was proudly co-sponsored by Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company Limited, NHPC Limited (A Government of India Enterprise), Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited, Malangmei Brothers Enterprise, United Builders India, and well-wishers.

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The event was also attended by other guests, and people of all ages came together to create a vibrant celebration. Participants donned colorful traditional attire, fostering a strong sense of togetherness and community. The program concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from program convener Rev Dr Kamthui Panmei and a closing prayer by Pouh Khangthuiba Kamei, Associate Pastor of Ruangmei Christian Fellowship Delhi (RCFD).

“The organizing committee extends our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed co-sponsors, generous well-wishers, and all those who played an invaluable role in contributing to the resounding success of this event. Your unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in making the event a remarkable and memorable occasion,” stated the press release.

“We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the enthusiastic participants and the multitude of attendees who graced the event with their presence on October 14, 2023. Your active involvement and enthusiastic participation breathed life into the festivities, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and community that will be cherished for years to come.”

“Once again, we thank each and every one of you for your significant contributions and for being an integral part of this extraordinary celebration. Your presence and support have truly made a difference and added to the grandeur of the 4th Rongmei Freshers’ Meet cum Cultural Day 2023 Delhi-NCR,” added the press note.

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