Aimol Khunyai and Chingnunghut village clash: Local Church Pastor died, over 20 injured

Villagers had been in conflict over the ownership of a locality ground which lie between the two villages

A local Church pastor died and over 20 persons injured in a clash that broke out between villagers of Aimol Khunyai and Aimol Chingnunghut village, under Machi police station in Tengnoupal district.

The deceased pastor is identified as HI Thangjalal Aimol, S/o HI Wanneilal Aimol. He is said to be the church pastor of Aimol Chingnunghut village. He died at Jiban Hospital, Kakching.

The clash broke out at around 4:45pm of Saturday Sept 26 at a playground (football field) where both the villages claims ownership.

It is said that Khunyai and Chingnunghut villagers had been in conflict over the ownership of a locality ground which lie between the two villages. Khunyai village tried to erect Monolith / Stone at the disputed area which was opposed by Chingnunghut village.

The stone laying ceremony was to be attended by DC Tengnoupal on September 25 was also cancelled. The violent clash erupted around 4:45pm of Sept 26. Tengnoupal district administration has also clamped CrPC-144 in Khunyai and Chingnunghut. Given below are the injured from both the villages.


1.Mr.Hl.Thangjalal, Local Pastor, S/o Mr.Late Hl. Waneilal (dead).
2.Mr.L.Reameisan 3. Mr.M.Rengsingir
11.Miss Ln.Sonia

1.Mr.S.Chungneilian s/o Mr.S.Korsokhup
2.Mr.Kh.Chungate s/o Mr.LateKh.Warpa
3.Mr.Kh.Wanoilal s/o Mr. Late Kh.Warpa
4.Mr.S.Alianwar s/o Mr S.Korsokhup
5.Mr.S.Korsosong @ Alims/o Mr.S.Korsokhup
6.Mr.Kh.Lungdaireng s/o Mr.Mr.Kh.Khochungthang
7.Mr.Chungminlian S/o Mrs.LateChungneibom
8.Mr.Kh.David s/o Mr.Kh.Rangeichung
9.Mr.S.Songneilal s/o Mr.S.Korsokhup
10.Mr.Kh.Rengtinlian s/o Mr.Kh.Rangeichung
11.Mr.Kh.Suaneithang s/o Mr.Kh.Rengsingir
12.Mr.Kh.Arilpu s/o Mr.Kh.Rangeichung
13.Mr.S.Aliankhup s/o Mr.S.Alianphun

Courtesy: Chongthu News Service

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