Angami Catholic Union 12th triennial convention culminates


Kohima: The three-day 12th triennial convention of the Angami Catholic Union (ACU) culminated on Sunday, with the celebration of the Holy Mass by the Bishop of Kohima, Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, at Christ the King church in Kohima.

Delivering his homily to a gathering of three thousand people on the second Sunday of Easter, the Bishop said that the day is celebrated as the Divine Mercy Sunday.

Making a reference of the three readings from the Bible which was read ahead of the sermon, the Bishop said that it is a reminder of God’s infinite love and mercy.

He said that the disciples of Christ, with the spirit of truth, were sent to continue the mission and to further reveal the works of god to the world.

In this regard, he challenged the believers to live by the truth saying that there should be no compromise to live the faith—which is a gift of god.

Like the Christ who showed his wounds and made the disciples touch it when they doubted Christ’s resurrection from the death, the Bishop said that one should not be ashamed of the wounds they carry. Although wounds may symbolise fragility, he said that one should allow the touch of Christ in their lives to heal the brokenness within.

Without the Church and the community of believers, he said that Christ’s touch and healing will be invisible. Urging the believers to be missionary disciples of Christ, the Bishop reminded that one’s integrity is a fundamental testimony to the others.

The service was led by ACU President Lhousarovi Paul while Angami Catholic Women Association (ACWA) Kikrusonuo Clara, translated the homily in Tenyidie language.

Angami Catholic Youth Association (ACYA) President Kelhouzasie Lawrence, ACU general secretary Ruokuophreü Rose, and the Dean of Science at St. Joseph’s College Jakhama, Rev. Fr. Thejalhoulie Solo, read the three readings respectively. ACWA general secretary Asatuoü Christina, administered the prayer of the faithful.

The three-day triennial convention was hosted by Christ the King Church (CKC), Kohima Village.

ACU elects new team of office bearers

Following the celebration of the holy mass, the new team of office bearers of the Angami Catholic Union, led by Nosazol Charles as the president, received blessings from the Bishop to take charge of the office.

The team consists of 5 members including Neirialie Carlus as the Vice President, Kenneth Punyü as the general secretary, Rokoshüno Angela Zao as the Joint Secretary and Kekhriesenuo Christina as the treasurer. The executive council members of the ACU are representatives from all the five ranges namely the Southern Angami Catholic Union (SACU), Northern Angami Catholic Union (NACU), Western Angami Catholic Union (WACU), Chakhro Angami Catholic Union (CACU), and Kohima Town Region Angami Catholic Union (KTRACU).

ACU nomination committee led by its Convenor Nicholas N Khatsu, elected the team for the tenure 2022-25.

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Addressing the gathering, the newly appointed President Nosazol Charles exuded confidence in the new team and assured their best services towards the Union. He also sought the support of the people in the various activities of the Union which will be carried out for the greater glory of god.

During the service, the handing over of the ACU constitution also took place between the outgoing president and the new president, in the presence of the congregation.

Representatives from the Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), who also attended the service, expressed hope that catholics from the Angami Naga tribe may grow to be the backbone of the church.

ACU Adviser R Rocus Chasie, also briefed the gathering about the initiative of the ACU in translating and bringing out a Bible in Tenyidie, which is a work in progress.

The service concluded with a note of gratitude pronounced by ACU treasurer George Kire, and the final benediction by Pezachülie Philip, Catechist of Sts. Peter and Paul Church Zhadima.

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