ANSAM commemorates the 74th Naga Independence Day: Tahamzam

Message of solidarity by the President, ANSAM

14th August 2020 • Tahamzam (Senapati)

On this historic day, ANSAM salutes the past and present leaders of Nagas who stood firm for the cause of the people and land. We dearly remember with deep sense of pride and respect to our martyrs who have given their all for the Nagas to live as a free people. We also express our gratitude and appreciation to all the Naga national workers, CSOs leaders and all the fellow compatriots who have been tirelessly working for the cause of the nation. ANSAM truly appreciates the different individuals and organizations from within and without India who had facilitated in gaining International recognition and support on the Naga peoples’ struggle for self-determination.

Today, the 14th August 2020, as we celebrate the 74th Naga Independence Day we strongly reaffirm ourselves to uphold the unmistakeable and resolute decision of our fore fathers to raise voice and claim our birthright to live as a free nation under God, free from domination of any foreign power. It was on this day, that the Naga people proclaimed its historical and political rights and declared our freedom and independence before the world. In the true spirit of freedom, we shall continue to embark on our journey of common hopes and dreams in cohesion, transcending all differences and rifts to achieve our cherished gaol.

We may recall that our history has witnessed blood and tears time and again. Countless promising lives had been sacrificed, torrential hardships and torturous agony had been experienced by Naga men and women for decades in defending our land and history; more than 3 lakhs of Nagas precious lives lost, many women molested and raped, thousands of houses and properties burnt and many other forms of atrocities were perpetrated on us over the years. It is high time that we the youth/students, the younger generation keenly understand this history and the hard earned historical and political position. It is high time for us to defend our defenders and carry forward the legacy of our ancestors.

Nagas do not hate India nor are they our enemy. However, we also do not have any reason to be Indians. We admire incredible Indian sub-continent and its greatness. But our conscience does not allow us to become what we are not. Nagas do not ask for independence from India; indeed, we do not want anything from India. We are independent and sovereign in our own by nature. What we ask is not to interfere in our administration and life but to leave us alone to self-determine as we were in the past.

We appreciate the bilateral leadership of the GOI and NSCN/GPRN for their statesmanship in dealing with the longest political issue in southeast Asia by signing of the historic Indo-Naga Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015; it gave the Nagas high hopes and we believe that the Government of India under the able leadership of Narendra Modi would usher a final settlement of the Indo-Naga political issue that is honourable to both the parties.

Sadly, the double standard and backtracking from political negotiation on the part of GOI’s interlocutor Mr. R.N. Ravi has become a stumbling block.The law and order approach to political issues, bureaucratic tactics to bulldoze vis-a-vis extensive militarization in Nagas areas, and the witch-hunt by Indian Governments’ machinery like National Investigation Agency (NIA)of Naga leaders and their family members one after another has seriously negated the Indo-Naga peace process.

Therefore, on this auspicious day, ANSAM humbly entreats upon the GOI leadership for the sincere commitment in dealing with the Indo-Naga peace process and bring it about an honourable solution based on the true spirit of the Framework Agreement and the unique history and situation of the Nagas.

On this historic day, we show our commitment by hoisting the Naga National Flag here in the ANSAM Secretariat Complex, Oking: Tahamzam (Senapati) District under the aegis of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF). We reaffirm our commitment to uphold the true spirit of nationalism under this Flag which symbolises our identity and freedom; which represents our aspirations and strength to carry forward our political movement.

ANSAM appeals to all the Naga people to stand unitedly against any divisive forces within and without until we achieve our rightful place.As we continue our journey, let us also be watchful ofthe diabolical design of our adversaries and their policy to divide us to further repress and suppress our freedom.


President, ANSAM

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