Border Villages at Kamjong Accuse Indian Security Forces of Involvement in the Ongoing Myanmar War

(One of the Indo-Myanmar Border Pillars/Ukhrul Times photo)

Ukhrul: The villages of Kamjong District in Manipur, which share international border with Myanmar, have accused the Indian Security Forces of involvement in the ongoing unrest in Myanmar. The villagers fear that peace at the border is seriously threatened and alarmingly compromised due to militarization and the large influx of refugees from Myanmar into Kamjong District.

Zingshophai Choro is situated at Indo-Myanmar Border Pillar No. 5, 6 & 7 (New Border Pillar No. 93, 94 & 95). K. Ashang Khullen Aze, with 35 houses and a population of 118, is located at International Border Pillar No. 8 (New Border Pillar No. 92). Wanglee Namlee is situated near International Border Pillar No. 8, 9 & 10 (New Border Pillar No. 89, 90 & 91).

“We are very close to the border with Myanmar, and every day, we can hear bombs exploding on the Myanmar side. Now, we are seeing more and more Indian paramilitaries being stationed around our area,” stated S. Hungyo of K. Ashang Khullen Aze.

It is learnt that two companies of Assam Rifles and other security forces are being deployed and stationed at the stretch of Aloyo and Namlee, a distance of about 12-13 km.

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Headman of Namlee, L. Kathing, stated, “What we are unhappy about is that the Assam Rifles and others, referred to as ‘para-regiment‘ [Headman: “I have not seen them, but our villagers who have gone to the jungle have met them and informed me”], are taking part in the war in Burma. They [Indian Security Forces] have dropped bombs inside Burma using drones. We have clearly seen the drones moving towards Myanmar territory. We do not want such actions. I am responsible for my villagers, and I don’t want war in our area or let anyone go through fear. This could also threaten our security. We are terrorized by the regular bombing through drones, and we are unhappy to witness all these activities being taken up by Indian Security Forces in the border area. We request the government to look into the matter and bring about the best solution, and also not put our village’s peace and security under threat.”

Namlee Refugee Camp Ukhrul Times
Namlee Refugee Camp/Ukhrul Times photo.

Headman of Wanglee, T. Tuithung, during an interaction with media persons, informed, “I have already conveyed to the Assam Rifles stationed in our village to move out at the earliest. We are now suspicious of their activities and movements. There is a large presence of security forces around here. They are blatantly moving about freely. We are worried for our women and children. I am old, and it is unpleasant to see the security forces like that. The vehicles would go off fully loaded, and when they return, only a few people would be in the vehicles. I do not know Hindi and therefore cannot even ask them what is going on. We just know they are up to something. They will come with 20-25 in a truck, drive towards the border, but come back wit

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