Car parked inside JNU belonging to a Manipuri found vandalised; Delhi Manipuri Society condemns

New Delhi: A car parked inside Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus belonging to a professor from one of the communities in Manipur was found vandalised on Monday.

According to sources, the front bumper and number plate of the car parked inside the academic premises was found vandalised by unknown miscreants at around 8:30 pm. The car was parked close to Brahmaputra hostel, located in the eastern (poorvanchal) part of JNU.

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The Delhi Manipuri Society (DeMaS) has condemned in strongest terms the incident of vandalising the personal car of Prof. Bimol Akoijam, Associate Professor JNU, New Delhi, commending him for his “impeccable academic and intellectual insights, he has been putting forth his views on the situation and against sectarian and divisive forces in society.”

“It is worth mentioning that Prof. Akoijam, while condemning the genocidal mayhem, has been raising voice against yellow journalism and media (both print and social media) misinformation that wrongly portray the causes, objectives, course, nature, and identities of those who are responsible for continuing with the mayhem,” maintained DeMaS.

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The Delhi Manipuri Society while appealing to all the peace loving people in Delhi, warned all to be “vigilant of such criminals and miscreants who intend to spread violence in Deihi as well for their vested interests.”

Further, DeMaS also said it strongly condemned the manner of certain sections of the media spreading misinformation based on either hearsay or on the words of some groups with vested interests. One, the Manipur police who have been performing defensive actions to repulse armed aggression on vulnerable villages by Kuki militants are being wrongly blamed as aligning with insurgents to attack Kuk villages. But where is the proof?, Delhi Manipuri Society asked.

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DeMaS furthermore said it is shocked to learn that “even after the dissolution of Arambal Tengol, some media houses in connivance with certain groups of vested interests, are continuously blaming the organisation for certain clashes happening in Manipur.”

While appealing to all concerned, DeMaS said media houses refrain themselves from publishing unsubstantiated news based on hearsay or on the words of some groups with vested interest and should investigate with reliable sources before presenting any news.

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DeMaS also strongly condemned the “use of churches to harbour Kuki militants to carry out attacks on Meetei villages.”

“Therefore, we appealed to all the god loving Christians, church leaders and those concerned to preserve the sanctity of religious structure as a site of spreading spiritualism, love and peace and prevent it from being misused as den of plotting communal conspiracy and organising terror activities. We also strongly condemned the inaction of the Assam Rifles that is largely responsible for unleashing right under their nose a series of coordinated armed aggression by Kuki militants upon vulnerable Meetei villages and for remaining as mute spectators during the mayhem by armed Kuki militants. There are also complaints from a cross section of people about the Assam Rifles’ collusive roles as party to the burning of Meetei villages by Kuki militants. Assam Rifles and other paramilitary forces should act impartially and protect the innocent civilians and instill a sense of safety and security to the people, and above all should try to gain the trust of the innocent people around” it added.

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