Chandel Naga Peoples’ Organisation convenes 5th Federal Assembly; recognises Tangkhul Naga Union Chandel as Associate Unit of CNPO


Chandel: The Chandel Naga Peoples’ Organisation (CNPO) convened the 5th Federal Assembly on October 21, 2023 at Modi Community Hall – Chandel District HQ. The assembly was attended by various civil society organizations along with the tribe presidents of all Naga tribes of Chandel. The assembly gave recognition to Tangkhul Naga Union Chandel as “Associate Unit” of CNPO. The Tangkhul Naga Union Chandel (TNUC) has decided to participate in all the events and activities of CNPO like any other tribes of Chandel, with the exception of voting right as this privilege is already given to TNL at UNC.

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Among the various resolution passed, the assembly also unanimously condemned the false and mistaken allegation of the involvement of CNPO Executives and Langsai Thouna of levying taxes on trucks ferrying goods in the Newspaper dated October 16, 2023 by TS Behlung – Chief of Abungnikhu. The assembly also sternly warned all the traders and individuals to reframe from creating unnecessary troubles without fully exploring the complexities of the situation and without substance, affecting the movement of all the goods and services of the people due to this false allegation.

Meanwhile, CNPO has investigated the concerns of the news paper contained and found no substance or truth in the allegation. The Unique Business Association Chandel executives present at the time of the incident have confirmed the allegations to be totally false and fabricated.

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In the given situation, the CNPO and its constituents wished that the Langsai Thouna and Meira paibis at Kakching Lamkhai to allow the normal flow of movement of goods and services, in the greater interest of the people. As CNPO do not want the people to suffer at the cause of one person’s ignorance and arrogance. However, CNPO says it will undertake all necessary steps to enforce customary law on Mr TS Behlung – chief of Abungnikhu subsequently. This must serve as a signal for all wrong doers.

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