Construction of Rungsung Suisa Memorial Park initiated by Hongmahn village and Tangkhul Naga Society Delhi

Ukhrul: In remembrance of Rungsung Suisa, the Tangkhul Naga Society, Delhi along with the village of Hongmanh have come together to establish a park, surrounding his grave in Hongmanh village.

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To rekindle and make the Naga public more aware of the contribution of Rungsung Suisa in the Naga society, the TNSD and the Hongmanh village came together to start the work of constructing a park and beautification of the existing graveyard on November 24 at Hongmanh village.

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The TNSD and the Hongmanh village, along with members of Naga Hoho, TKLI, NEFEC organised a prayer meeting, after touring the spot in a simple ceremony.

It may be remembered that, Rungsung Suisa was buried at the top of a hillock of Hongmanh village. The spot for the burial was chosen by Rungsung Suisa himself before he died to clearly demarcate the boundary of the Meiteis and the Nagas. The grave now lies in an isolated hillock.

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The proposal to construct a memorial park for Suisa was first conceived by the Tangkhul Naga society, Delhi. In the GBM of the Society, the house endorsed the executive to go ahead with the proposal.

Hongmanh village lies in the Saikul area of Kangpokpi district, Manipur. It is the last remaining Naga area surrounded by kuki villages.

Many traditional Naga villages, such as Chawai, Zingtai, Sitangphung have vanished from the map and are now occupied by new Kuki villages.

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According to TNSD president, the purpose of constructing such park was to instill reverence and respect in the heart of young Nagas. Rungsung Suisa, was a man who wore many hats. He was elected as Member of Parliament in the year 1957. Prior to his tenure as an MP, Suisa was elected in June 1948 unopposed to the Manipur State Assembly. He very early on, became a member of the Manipur Electoral College in 1951.

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Suisa was assistant to the vice president of the Naga National Council 1964–1966. In October 1966, following the deadlock in the peace talks, he presented a proposal to solve the Indo-Naga conflict through confederation, with shared responsibilities between India and Nagaland on foreign and military affairs, but full Naga sovereignty on internal affairs. He sought to mediate between the Indian government and the Naga leaders.

Besides being an astute visionary politician, Rungsung Suisa was a pioneer church planter. He served in many capacities in various Naga villages as pastor and missionaries.

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The project to construct a memorial park for Rusngsung Suisa will be executed phase wise. The first phase will consist of paving the footsteps from the grave to the prayer house and construction of retaining wall.

Tangkhul Naga Society, Delhi

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