Fishing innovative ideas in a hostel room to a constructive groundbreaking bookery: The Readers Bookstore, MU.

The Readers Book store shields its way by instigating a windowreach service for several ardent readers online providing instant delivery of their desired books on their doorstep.

Conceptualized in a hostel room in JNU in early 2018 winter and initiated sedulously, The Readers Book Store is a thriving brick-and-mortar book shop set up by the collaborative effort of a group of young research scholars and postgraduate students in Manipur University. In a world of eBooks and colossal commercial sites, the group enlivened the spirit of the feel-search and read operation amongst students and other avid readers while also welcoming the benighted few to invest in their own interest through the world of texts, reflection and imagination concealed in a book.

Talking to one of the setup managers on account of challenges and expectation, it is said that many cast-off certain books because of the price tag of a book regardless of the contents and value of a book, which in turn handicaps the ambitious flow of demonstrative enthusiastic sellers and readers. However, affirming that their set goals to encourage individuals to practice critical appreciation of a text had evolved drastically over time, the scholar cum manager expresses a hopeful disposition on the evolving nature of readers in the state.

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The bookstore encompasses the field of literature, history, politics, social studies and specific scientific texts including vernacular literature about North East and Manipur in particular stretching to non-educational or non-professional books accompanied by coffee and a friendly ambience. 

Despite the COVID – 19 pandemic taking a toll on every aspects of life, The Readers Book store shields its way by instigating a windowreach service for several ardent readers online providing instant delivery of their desired books on their doorstep. This service, therefore, creates apprehensible valour to the store’s distinctive benignant features.

The book store gives discount on purchased books for every buyer and holds mini book sales intermittently. Following the advancement of engaging readers and writers around the state and others, the bookstore organized a mega book sale, 2021 from 5th March till 12th March triggering and fulfilling the interests of students, scholars and teachers. Regardless of the end date, the sale while encouraging visitors momentous spirit of book hunt and reads, extended for two more days which will come to a closure on 14th March 2021, Sunday at MU Campus.

The Readers Book Store, Manipur University campus, can be reached at +91-9774156993, and @thereadersbookstore  for Instagram and Facebook.

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