Iwui Story: Joykumar Thounaojam

Photo: Joykumar Thounaojam

Unlike the conventional sarkari achievements like IAS, IPS, IFS and all… by joining Oriflame, Joykumar Thounaojam from Imphal West is an inspiration to many. Oriflame has supported families and gave people a sense of hope and dignity.

Our society youths appearing competitive exams after trying several times reaching the threshold seems to have retreated in life as if Sarkari jobs was the only lifeline and prestige life could offer. There is so much more life can offer. Do not give up in life. Joykumar’s story will tell you it is not. Giving you Joykumar Thounaojam’s Iwui Story:

“Losers stop when they fail, winners fail till they succeed”

I guess that is how my life has been for 30 years ever since 2009. I was very obedient to my parent, good in studies, extremely competitive in any activity and loved winning. I have played soccer professionally and, in a way, in every aspect I was an ideal man growing up. But in general, my life was a failure. I had dreams like any other, but it was subdued as I compromised and sacrificed it all for my parent’s happiness. I was well qualified to take on any job but didn’t pursue any career because I had to look after my family business. So basically, to others my life seemed perfect, but to me, I was an unknown face in the crowd.

But in 2009 it all changed especially with a peculiar incident of so many incidents. Winter was approaching and one of those days I asked my Dad money to buy myself winter clothes and to my utmost surprise he gave me ₹500. Holding the money, I thought it was my reward for being a good boy all my life. Accidentally Oriflame came as a life saver for me because I was penniless after I left my family business as I never asked money to my parent accept for basic needs.

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Photo: Joykumar Thounaojam

My wife, Lakshmi introduced Oriflame to me. I did not realize the unlimited opportunities Oriflame would offer in my career, and I’m eternally thankful to her for that.
It was not a smooth sailing at all in the beginning. I was criticised and laughed by others for running a women business, but I focused only on the bigger picture, took careful steps to build my dream job. My first cheque was of meager hundreds but after 11 years of consistent hard work and my wonderful team of 6 Directors and numerous managers, I’m today, earning a handsome and stable 6 figure income.

With Oriflame I got my identity which I’m proud of. I have been recognised for my achievements in the business nationally and internationally. I’m the first and the only male Diamond director of Oriflame in Northeast. I’m the only person to win two regional and national club competition and also the only Manipur leader to win Igelosa challenge. I’m the first person from North East to win four foreign trips in a calendar year. And of all the 10 foreign countries I visited, the most memorable was to see my 17 year old dream to visit the Old Trafford, Manchester United stadium fulfilled in 2015.

My life 30 years ago and today has changed dramatically. The change began when I first took that leap of faith even if the odds were greater. Today, people look up to me as an inspiration and respects me of what I have achieved in life. Some even call me Sir! But the most beautiful title I got in Oriflame is everyone ( the young elders) calling me DaJoy with love. I’m the only child in my family and I miss not having siblings but Oriflame fulfilled that lingering wish too. I got a family I never had. The sportsperson in kept me grounded in discipline and work. “Don’t tell your dreams to others but live that dreams and show it to others”, is something of a motto I stand by today.

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