Khomdram Gambhir commits suicide: 2 years after his discovery in Mumbai through Social Media

Khomdram Gambhir (68) a former member of paramilitary Manipur Rifles who went missing for 40 years, later traced in the streets of Mumbai in 2018 was found dead hanging from a bridge on Thursday morning. However, no details have emerged for the reason behind Khomdram’s suicide. Details awaited.

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Photo: Breaking News Manipur

Khomdram Gambhir family in Khumbong Mamang Leikai in Imphal West in 2018 were eager that Khomdram was finally reuniting with the family at home. The deceased was part of the Manipur rifles for seven years after which he suddenly left the house in Imphal in 1978, without informing his family.

It was a sheer coincidence Khomdram Gambhir was discovered from a whatsapp video by his family in Imphal, when in October 17, 2017, Firoze Shakir, a street photographer videotaped Gambhir at Bandra Bazar for a case study. Firoze said, “children teased Khomdram on the streets calling him Nepali and he would abuse them and shout out that he was a Manipuri – an Indian, not a Nepali”.

Firoze Shakir’s youtube video title read, Gambhir Singh Lost at Manipur Found In Bandra On My Tube Channel after 40 years

video by Firoze Shakir
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