Kuki Chief Association Condemns Attack on L Hengjol Village Chief’s Residence in Kangpokpi


The Kuki Chief Association Manipur (KCA-M) in a press release on Tuesday has vehemently condemned “the attack by security forces on the residence of Tonghen Haokip, Chief of L Hengjol village in Kangpokpi district, on July 9, 2024.” The association criticized the arbitrary firing intended to annihilate the Chief and his family, resulting in irreparable damage to the property.

In the aftermath, KCA-M said three Kuki-Zo Village Volunteers and five women — Kikim, Lamshi Baite, Lamshi Haokip, Hahat, and Tinnu — were detained and assaulted while protesting the arrests.

The KCA-M expressed deep disappointment over the security forces’ perceived indifference toward the Kuki-Zo people, contrasting it with the free movement of armed Meitei militants and Arambai Tenggol militias in Imphal valley. They highlighted the case of Korounganba Khuman, a self-styled Chief Commander of Arambai Tenggol, seen armed and chanting war cries in Imphal last November. Despite an ongoing investigation by the NIA, Khuman and his militias remain at large, KCA-M said.

Citing an episode when “Imphal East police intervened at Palace Gate, the group fired at the police, overwhelmed them, and proceeded towards Imphal West in numerous vehicles. The NIA has registered a case against Khuman in connection with this incident, which is under investigation. Despite these facts, the Chief Minister and the security forces have allowed Khuman and his militias to remain at large to this day,” the Kuki Chief Association Manipur added that Khuman was “seen motivating his fully armed comrades to target Kuki-Zo tribals.”

The Kuki Chiefs also appealed both the Central Security forces and the State Security forces to operate tactfully without bias, considering the intensity of the current conflict in the state.

“If such atrocities, with utter disregard for Kuki Chiefs and innocent villagers by security forces continue, we will no longer remain silent spectators,” KCA-M warned.

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