Liangmai Naga Ruangdi condemns assault by Kuki Revolutionary Army

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Imphal: The Liangmai Naga Ruangdi (LNR) said today that Kukis are continuing to provoke the Liangmai Nagas.

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While strongly condemning the beating of Z Hotngambou of Rianglong village, Tamei subdivision, Tamenglong district, by Kuki militants on September 5 by the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA), which is under Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the government, at Chalwa along I T Road under Kangpokpi district, LNR president Joseph Kingudi said that such incidents have immense potentials for a full scale flare-up. 

The LNR is the apex body of the Liangmai people of Nagaland and Manipur.

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Joseph Kingudi also said that if anyone is estimating the peace loving people of Liangmai Nagas as weak then someone is making a serious mistake. He also said that Kukis have been provoking the Liangmai Nagas but “our maturity has been the reason that there are no unwanted situations.” However, the LNR chief said that there is a limit for everything. “Our patience has been tested time and again by the Kukis,” he added. Joseph Kingudi then said that the LNR is closely monitoring the situation.

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Meanwhile, the Liangmai Senior Citizens’ Forum, North East India (LSCF-NEI), in a statement issued by its chairman Ch. Dithinbou, said today that the September 5 incident has a potential to trigger a flare-up. While strongly condemning the incident, the Forum said that Kukis have been harassing Naga commuters along the IT Road for a long time now.Z. Hotngambou of Rianglong (Lenglong) village, Tamei subdivision, Tamenglong district, was assaulted on September 5 by the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) cadres, which is under Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the government, at Chalwa along I T Road under Kangpokpi district.

Z. Hotngambou is ex-chairman of Lenglong village, a founding member and advisor of Zuinamai Foundation-North East India, and a member of LSCF-NEI.

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According to LSCF-NEI, Z Hotngambou had to undergo medical treatments because of the beating by the Kuki militants. The Forum also alleged that the Kuki militants started beating Hotngambou the moment he mentioned the names of Naga Hoho, UNC, LNC and others during the course of interrogation by the Kuki militants. “Such an act of the Kuki militants is akin to challenging the Naga civil society organizations and the Nagas as a whole,” the Liangmai elders’ body also said.

The Liangmai Senior Citizens’ Forum then recalled how the 1990s’ violence between the Nagas and the Kukis cropped up. The Forum further recalled that incident where the then chairman of Chaton village who also happened to be secretary of Zeliangrong Union of Tamei Zone, Mr.Champonbou, was thrashed by the Kukis at Chalwa, IT Road, many years ago. The Liangmai forum then asked, “What actually the Kukis are upto by repeatedly meting out such acts to the Nagas?”

The Liangmai body then drew the attention of all concerned people and authorities to look into the issue and address the situation at the earliest.

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