Macnivil out with new music video URA UVIE

Macnivil is out with his latest music video Ura Uvie and its streaming on YouTube.

“URA UVIE” is a term coined by the legendary Naga Leader AZ Phizo meaning “This Land is Mine” or “Our Land Belongs To Us”.

The song reverberates issues that many may consider as sensitive including the political turmoil and status quo which affects the state of affairs of Naga people. It is also a tribute to all ordeals we have been through.

The music video is directed by Naga Twist

About Macnivil:
Macnivil is an independent rapper from Nagaland, India. A determined enthusiast and a vivid follower of Hip-Hop, his beliefs are based on the inclination towards positivity and empowerment through the creative endeavor. His array of work as a lyricist revolves around experiences of personal aspirations, trials and tribulations, and celebration of life among other musings. Right from the initial days as an artist he has managed to distinguish himself from the ordinary and has remained persistent on the bars that he has been raising. One can identify him as an intellectual wordsmith who is always ready to embrace challenges and reach out for newer goals.

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