Manipur State govt is a govt of the Majority Meiteis alone: KIM

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Imphal: The numerous plans and policies; and the actions and inactions of the Meitei-led Manipur State Government continues to uncover the complete prejudice of the State Government; and the subsequent oppression of the minority Kuki-Zo community and the tribals of Manipur as a whole.

The Chief Minister of Manipur had recently forwarded a recommendation letter no. D.O.No.2/6/2023-CM, Imphal, October 23, 2023 to Shri Arjun Munda, Hon’ble Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Govt. of India for the consideration of various projects for the welfare of the Tribals in Manipur: Therewith, the Chief Minister of Manipur have also enclosed details of the project submitted to Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

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To the utter shock of the Kuki-Zo community, the list of the NGOs recommended to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, does not include a single hill-based NGO. The six recommended NGOs with a total project amount of 3,08,93,891.00 rupees are purely Meitei-based NGOs based in Imphal East and Imphal West Districts in the valley. Moreover, to believe in people to assume that these Meitei NGOs will truly work for the welfare of the tribals especially in the midst of the ongoing communal conflict in the region is a mockery to the conscience of the people.

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The claim that these NGOs has been working in the far flung tribals district/areas of Manipur to benefit the Tribal Population of the state is as well groundless. The recommendation of the Chief Minister of Manipur, therefore, is an irrefutable proof of the use and misuse of the State Government -its agencies and machineries -by the Meitei State leadership for the exclusive welfare of the Majority Meitei Community while discriminating and alienating the Kuki-Zo community, besides the ruthless attempt for persecution and annihilation of the Kuki-Zo people. In fact, the Manipur State Government has once again established itself as a government of the Majority Meiteis alone, while it continues to oppress the Kuki-Zo community and the tribals of Manipur at large, categorically disregarding the Constitutional values of equality and justice for all and the principles of human rights and social justice altogether.

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It is true that the tribals of Manipur, especially in the face of this conflict, are facing intolerable hardships and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. However, the valley-based NGOs can only further corrupt the livelihood opportunities for the tribals and prolong their suffering amidst the unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Therefore, the Kuki Inpi Manipur, as an apex body of the Kuki tribes, would like to sincerely appeal to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India, to sensibly look into the matter so that the gross violation of Human Rights, the total rejection of humanitarian values, and the disregard for Constitutional principles continuously perpetrated by the Meitei-led Manipur State Government do not have a place in the vision of Modern India.

(Press statement of the Kuki Inpi Manipur dated October 29, 2023)

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