Maphã Luilu is out now on YouTube

Maphã Luilu is now available on YouTube.

Maphã Luilu music video was premiered on on November 21 at Uchek Cafe, Imphal with Chuimeila Keishing w/o K Leishiyo, MLA 43-Phungyar AC as the Chief Guest.

The music video was well received on online streaming service from the day of its launch and was available on the site for 36 days.

The music video is a joint collaboration between well known and celebrated Tangkhul singers Yungyung and MOC, starring Veronica Awungshi (Miss Spring 2018 & Social Media Influencer).

Despite all the necessary steps taken, Maphã Luilu was leaked by a YouTube channel by the name Yangyang for about four days. The YouTube Channel owner was asked to reach out but that never happened. will always ensure to protect the exclusivity of any given creator’s content, our client, as our top most priority. We regret the damages of copyrights to reproduce the exclusive content, of Maphã Luilu by unauthorised and illegal YouTube channel.

Illegal production, duplication of other’s original creative work is highly discouraged.

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