MPHRC calls for transparency on COVID

UT News Service | Shillong, Aug 10: The Meghalaya Peoples Human Rights Council (MPHRC) has demanded that the State government maintains transparency in all matters related to the COVID-19 situation in Meghalaya.

“We would be remiss in not emphasizing the need for the Government to act transparently during this crisis. People everywhere need to know of the risks that exist globally as well as locally. While the masks we now wear may be disposable, people are not,” MPHRC Chairman Dino D G Dympep said on Monday.

He also said that the government must also “take immediate steps to ensure that indigenous peoples are informed, protected and prioritized during the COVID-19 global health pandemic”. He added, “Of special concern are the vulnerable chronically ill, those in medical fragility, as well as the indigenous elders, women and children. The Indigenous elders are a priority for our communities as our keepers of history and traditions and cultures.”

Meanwhile, Dympep has lauded the services rendered by all the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses and the police who are on the frontlines of battling COVID-19.

“The sacrifices they make, every day and especially their dedication, commitment and courage during this pandemic, deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration,” Dympep said.

Pointing out that the MPHRC is observing the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples today, Dympep said, “The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting indigenous peoples, exacerbating underlying structural inequalities and pervasive discrimination in access to health care and infrastructures. The denial of basic human rights is severely limiting common people to respond to the current health crisis. We strongly urge the Government to put human rights at the center of the pandemic response to ensure that all persons enjoy the   right to dignity and equality of access to health services and equality of treatment.”


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