Naga Mothers’ Association: Freedom of expression cannot be threatened in a Democracy

Clear reminder to Governor Ravi stating that he is an "honoured Guest" in our land and therefore mutual respect must be maintained.

In a memorandum submitted to Nagaland Governor RN Ravi on Wednesday, the Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) took strong exception to the recent orders from the office of Chief Secretary, ordering the state government employees to provide the list of their relatives who may be connected to NPGs and to initiate action against state government employees for “sedition” against India for asserting the right of the Naga people to political self-determination.

NMA expressing frustration over the silence of State Government Service Association on the latest directive in a bit of disapproval mentioned that State government employee or otherwise, cannot be stifled or threatened in any democracy, as it is a fundamental right of any individual enshrined in the Indian Constitution, it said.

“In the context of Nagas, caught in the decades of armed struggle for self-determination, the Draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act still in force since 1958, army atrocities on our people and a long drawn out peace process, it has been the wish of all, to ensure that long lasting peace and a resolution on the Naga Political Issue is done at the earliest,” it added.

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NMA in the memorandum, coming down heavily for targeting Dr Inato Jimomi, a dedicated Veterinary Doctor and a noted social worker, said, is of serious concern. It then delved into Dr Jimomi’s family history where his father was killed by the Indian armed forces while serving in the Naga army.

According to NMA, “Dr Jimomi has worked tirelessly for Naga widows and orphans of the Naga struggle and often aired his personal views on the Naga struggle and the long drawn out search for peace, which cannot be termed as sedition.”

All Nagas, regardless of “government servants, civil society or individuals are answerable in any case of any controversial issue, to their Clan, Khel, Village and Tribe,” NMA stated, adding further that “Naga customs and tradition hold sway on codes of ethics and honour and loyalty to our land and our people.”

Naga Mothers’ Association in its urging for a mature and unbiased commitment to peace and better understanding of the Naga society as Peace Interlocuter to Ravi’s Office, underscored that elected state government it believe will stand for “propriety and impartiality” and without vested “witch hunting” in the middle of Naga movements to bringing peace in our land.

The Association concluded with a clear reminder to Governor Ravi stating that he is an “honoured Guest” in our land and therefore mutual respect must be maintained.

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