Naga People’s Front Stands for Tribal Rights: Minister Losii Dikho

"NPF came to Manipur in 2011 and introduced the party in the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2012. The party is a Christian faith based political party. With direction from central party, the Manipur State Unit of the NPF has been going on with prayers in anything where, the apex civil society organisations of the hill district have been extending support to the party till date."

Senapati: PHED, Printing & Stationery Minister Losii Dikho stated that the Naga People’s Front (NPF) stands for tribal rights. He was speaking at the Get Together program of village leaders and party workers of 48-Mao Assembly Constituency at Asufii, Mao. He urged the gathering for unity and look forward to what lies ahead in the future stressing on the importance of politics in the society. NPF came to Manipur in 2011 and introduced the party in the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2012. Having realised the importance to introduce in the assembly, the Mao assembly constituency elected him as their representatives and re-elected him in 2017 again as NPF legislators. The NPF as a political party wants to bring peace in the land, aspire peace to remain in the land and don’t want any confrontation, violence or problem in the land and had progressed in different fields through the party. Many took to prayers including different churches where, blessings come through prayers from many, adding, the party is a Christian faith based political party. With direction from central party, the Manipur State Unit of the NPF has been going on with prayers in anything where, the apex civil society organisations of the hill district have been extending support to the party till date. People of the region have had experienced of different sufferings and bloodsheds where the need to introduce such political party emerged a necessity at present scenario. With support from the people, the party could achieve this far through God’s blessings, he asserted.

Talking about the achievements and contributions this far, the minister and leader of the party stated that the party uphold the principle of the party. The NPF during the last 2017 general election supported the BJP lead the state govt. Even though the party did not ask for ministers, the party had trusted the BJP and in blind faith had readily agreed to support the BJP in the state assembly. Different opposition members came and tempted NPF to shy away from the BJP led govt but the party stood hold in support of the BJP led govt till date. The party also appreciates the central leaders of the central BJP. Prime Minister Modi during his campaign in Imphal asserted that he would take away bandhs and blockades in Manipur within 15 months if BJP is elected majority in the state. Through contribution from the NPF, peace could prevail in the state in the past as claimed by the Prime Minister of the country. Through initiative of the country’s Prime Minister to connect water tap to all households, process is on by the PHED department to connect water tap to all households in the state. The most enjoyable moment is that he sacrificed for the people and people also protect him as their own, he stated urging most crucial time ahead in the land and only choice for people is to choose the NPF.

The PHED minister also stated that he would look into the border land issue as he is well aware of different cases in the past if he is re-elected again. He also assured to take up pending issues relating to ongoing projects and developmental programs that are underway in the region. His priority is stated to give on border trade and tourism where different places under his constituency and the district have lots of tourism attracting places. He also mentioned about improvement of human resources, ways to give employment to different educated unemployed youth in the district where he dreams of solving employment problems through sports.

Briefing media persons, PHED Minister, L. Dikho stated that the program was held to apprise the NPF position in the state where the party is a partner to the state BJP led govt and had brought peace and change in the state. NPF had brought lots of changes in the state through support from BJP led govt in the state. The NPF is stated to always behind the BJP led govt that had brought peace and tranquillity in the state and will continue to do so even in future. While appreciating the central BJP leaders, the NPF legislator is also expressed unhappiness over treatment of the BJP led govt who are not serious in the partnership and the treatment of the govt not taking care of the minority Christians and other minority communities as he express his concerns for them. The NPF legislator believes that the BJP led govt would rectify and prove their relationship in future. The NPF is stated to stand strongly with their commitment in the coming election who declared himself to contest from NPF party. The NPF also appreciated the central BJP leaders under the leadership of the Prime Minister who are serious in the Naga Peace process which is the main concern of the people. Once the Naga settlement is brought, the NPF leader is hopeful of peaceful environment in the state who is also committed to the cause of the tribal in the state. He believes that relationship between the tribal and the other major tribe would improve if such concern is present in the state. The NPF is stated to be committed for peace and development in the state.

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M.L. Markson, former ADC chairman, Senapati in his speech lauded the 4 NPF MLAs who stood for tribal rights even to resign from their seats. The NPF legislators stood as ruling party and opposition as well. They never waver from their commitment while urging all to continue to support their stand for welfare of the tribal and re-elect in the next election. The former ADC chairman also stated that he will never compromise on issue and religion urging all to continue in one’s life too. He also urged the gathering to elect such leadership to stand for tribal rights. Not only for own assembly segment but also to reach out beyond one’s constituency should be the agenda of the electorates. Many will come with made up stories, he said and urged all to realise the need of the hour who should represent the people and who can sacrifice for betterment of the people.

L.M. Tabitha, Former President, Naga Women’s Union in her speech stated that the introduction of NPF in Manipur had opened the genuine cause of the tribal that need to strengthen and uphold the motto of the party as “By faith, not by arms” that shows principle of peace, not by violence. Separate budget for the tribal or developmental schemes, plans are enshrined in the Indian Constitution, Article 371 (C) which is a constitutional rights. A God fearing leader, people should not forget his contribution for betterment of the society at large. When people could not elect the correct leaders, the previous sufferings of the tribal is not ruled out to return, the women leader mentioned while urging to unitedly strengthen the NPF to bring peace and development in the region.

The program was attended by CSOs village council, women organisations and youth organisations of 48-Mao Assembly constituency.

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