Naga Student’s Union Mumbai organises Naga’s Meet 2022


Mumbai: The Apex Naga students body, Naga Student’s Union Mumbai (NSUM) held its Mumbai Naga’s Meet on September 1 at Marathi Bhasha Bhavan, University of Mumbai with Dr. Raile Rocky, assistant professor of sociology, IIT, Bombay as the guest speaker.

The program also included an introduction cum fresher’s meet of the Naga fresher students in Mumbai this academic year. Altogether 15 freshers were present who participated in the Mister and Miss fresher’s contest.

Injeile Pame, a fresher on behalf of all the freshers thanked the NSUM for the warm welcome. 

“We are truly grateful to the Union for organizing such a program and giving us a very warm welcome. We are very delighted by the generosity and hospitality received from the people.”

The guest speaker Dr. Raile Rocky, assistant professor of Sociology IIT, Bombay, 2017-2018 South Asia Fellow, Harvard University, author of Infrastructure of Injustice state and politics in Manipur and Northeast in his speech exhorted all to once reflect on the concept of  ‘head-hunting’ and briefly narrated the history and significance of ‘Head Hunting’ of the Nagas.

“Chopping off one’s enemies head and bringing it home, it is not a mere cap, it is not part of statistical practices, rather there are deep rituals involved into it. Their rituals associated in these aspects led for instance, bravery and all religious rites and ceremonies. ‘Head hunting as a barbaric practice or statistical pleasure was not the case,” he added. 

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He further made an emphasis on gender inequality and stressed the need to acknowledge this inequality prevailing in our society. “Let us not shy away from admitting certain practices which promote inequality for instance, against gender equality among the Naga society, let us not shy away from admitting that Nagas are also a patriarchal society. As we celebrate Naga’s Meet, let us cheer together and sharpen our intellectual engagement towards knowledge production for Nagas empowerment and also see through one goal the emancipatory commitment against oppressive representation of gender inequality,” he added.

Mr. Rinthem Mahung, president of NSUM in his presidential speech expressed his gratitude to god and all the elders who took responsibility in the Union. He also extended his gratitude to the Union representatives who were present in the program from different tribes and gave a warm welcome to all the freshers. 

The event saw many cultural shows and performances from different Naga tribes.

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The event highlighted an exciting lineup of many musical as well as dance performances from well-known and amateur artists like Somaya Rumthao, Pozu Paul, Pemmi Khamrang, Zykvyn Vashum, Ikati Kinimi, Longjeti Longchar, and Benjamo Yanthan.

Musical and dance performances were followed by the declaration of Miss and Mister fresher 2022. Noyingdeni Morre was adjudged Miss fresher, while Winnerson Khuveio Khulusiimo was adjudged Mister fresher 2022.

The judges included Hamyan Phom, NCF Pastor, Lumreiphi Raikhan, Research Analyst Antimatter Media, Shimreichon Kazingmei, Fashion Designer Mumbai.

The program concluded with a prayer by Samson Vashum, a Naga elder.

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