Imphal: Leaders from the INDIA Bloc in Manipur have criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for addressing the Manipur crisis in the Rajya Sabha only under opposition pressure, claiming it lacked genuine concern.

At a press conference held at Congress Bhawan in Imphal on Thursday, CLP leader Okram Ibobi expressed dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s remarks, suggesting that even the people of Manipur are likely dissatisfied. The former Manipur CM, Ibobi claimed that PM Modi addressed Manipur issue in the Rajya Sabha, not in the Lok Sabha, and did so due to pressure from the opposition. He noted that the Prime Minister’s speech lacked a roadmap or action plan for resolving the crisis and instead accused INDIA Bloc leaders of perpetuating violence.

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Ibobi asserted that the opposition wouldn’t have raised the issue in Parliament if the government had resolved the crisis within a month of its eruption. The Prime Minister’s mention of over 11,000 FIRs and 500 arrests was deemed irrelevant by Ibobi, who questioned whether these actions were intended to compensate the victims of violence. The CLP leader condemned the Prime Minister for failing to visit Manipur despite spending two days in neighboring Assam before the last Lok Sabha elections. He questioned whether the Prime Minister would have acted similarly if the crisis had occurred in larger states.

INDIA Bloc leader and former CPI Manipur State Council Secretary L. Sotinkumar also criticized PM Modi, stating that the Prime Minister has addressed the Manipur conflict in Parliament only a few times, and even then, only nominally. He maintained that the Prime Minister’s responses have been unjustified, indicating a lack of genuine care for the people and crisis in Manipur. Sotinkumar alleged that the Prime Minister prefers a military solution over a political one for Manipur’s crisis. He urged Modi to treat Manipur as an integral part of India and its people as Indian citizens, and to bring peace and normalcy to the state at the earliest.

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