Pregnant Woman from Henglep Sub-Division being carried by villagers to District Hospital

L. Seikholen Khongsai | Ccpur: A pregnant woman with serious health condition, Mrs. Nemneikim wife of Mr. Sonminthang from Henglep Village under Henglep Sub-Division, Churachandpur District of Manipur was carried on palanquin by the villagers towards District Hospital Churachandpur Thursday early morning.

Due to non availability and improper functioning of Dispensary/Primary and basic Health Centre at Henglep Sub-Division, delivery of the pregnant woman was done in the village last night. Unsuccessful in the process, the child died before the delivery at 1:00am Wednesday night and the pregnant woman’s condition became doubly serious.

Amidst Covid-19 crisis, no treatment was available for the pregnant woman who was in tire need of medical attention. The villagers of Henglep, Khaopijang and other nearby villagers carried her on palanquin towards District Hospsital Churachandpur which is more than 100kms from district Hqr.

Even the basic communication system of road that links from District Hqr to Henglep Sub-Division Hqr is in horrible condition. The seriously ill woman’s child could have been saved.

This is the fifth such case this year. It is painful to see the plight of villages in these remote corners of Churachandpur district to go through such difficulties even after India as a great nation has advance in digital and technology era.

The remote area of Henglep Sub-Division in Churachandpur District of Manipur have never seen the light of day when it comes to development. Some say it is the responsibility of local public, the local MLA. The state government must take cognizance of this terrible crisis of Health Care and other developmental works in Henglep Sub-Division.

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