Professional School of Music and Fine Arts unveiled by CM Neiphiu Rio at Tsiesima Village, Nagaland

Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio on Monday unveiled the foundation stone for a Professional School of Music and Fine Arts at Tsiesima Village. CM Neiphiu Rio in his speech said, “when you have a professional college, in a land of festivals, it will enhance the performance of our people, many people will come to learn music, culture and dramas and this will be a benefit”.

He appreciated Tsiesima villagers for providing the land for the college, reaffirming that today’s generation is living in a very competitive world, the competition is intense, we have to do quality works to make it a real model quality college with Naga logo designs, as it will be memorable.

The project under the Rashtriya Shiksha Abhiyan RUSA 2.0 will be a center of excellence for thousands of students in Nagaland state as well as for the world in the field of music and arts, said Temjen Imna Along, Minister Higher and Technical Education.

Minister Temjen, in his speech expressed his gratitude to CM Neiphiu Rio for his support towards the endeavour towards his department, and showered his gratitude to Tsiesema villagers for providing the required land for the development of the world class project. Adding that the unveiling of the project is a momentous and historic day for the state and the department officials of higher education.

CM Neiphiu Rio also added that the project will boost tourism, and realign with Nagaland as a destination for tourist. He acknowledged that, “Tsiesema village will be centrally located and therefore, will become a beautiful centre of excellence in the field of music”, urging the villagers to give full support.

He also urged the department officials to try their best to complete the project within the stipulated target time.

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