Everybody wants to read and listen to rags to riches stories but nobody really cares what goes through in that journey, Yuikan Shirik, Founder and MD Brand Neurons said.

You are not the pillar of tomorrow, but you are the pillar of today, Yuikan Shirik said while unveiling his mission plan to nurture youths focusing on limiting belief and growth.

Born and raised in Ukhrul, this promising youth icon’s life was not a bed of roses, though he was loved and admired by all for his never ending sense of humour. He was not only a good rapper but was also exceptionally talented in fine arts from his high school days. After years of struggle, Yuikan Shirik, went on to found Brand Neurons Pvt. Ltd (Interior Company), in Bengaluru. Lovingly called “Naokan” by his friends, Shirik is happily married with a dynamic entrepreneur, Leiya- his high school class mate.

Yuikan Shirik, a multi talented young lad from Lamyim Phungdhar in the Western part of Ukhrul district, left his home town after completing PU science in search of greener pasture. What followed next was a road less traveled by quitters. He is a passionate Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing director of Brand Neurons Pvt. Ltd.,(Interior Company) coach, and Mentor. The company specializes in branding, and interior services.

Yuikan is happily married with a dynamic Entrepreneur Leiya T. Shirik, and is blessed with a super active daughter – Zemmi Shirik.

Prior to founding Brand Neurons, Yuikan was the chief brand officer (CBO) at one of the leading real estate developers in Bengaluru, India. He has conducted numerous seminars for business owners, working professionals, and students. He is a man of action and also known as a human magnet. Personally he takes great interest in finding solutions to vexing problems.

After years of struggles taking up varied jobs, he finally founded Brand Neurons company. Though he faced avalanche of hardships for want of direction and mentor, he “never quit”. He made the best use out of his wrestling with challenges head on and turned his mistakes into success by entering into interior designing industry, one of the higher revenue generating businesses, thanks to his never say die positive attitude.

The company currently has over 50 employees. As of now Brand Neurons sub-contracts all its services. Recently, under its partnership it has also started interior factory.

Brand Neuron

Recalling his ordeal prior to entering the the corporate bastion given stiff competition, Shirik said, “there were many nights I spent crying, but not openly, as our people consider this emotional outpouring as cowardly and so boys should act like boys. I can still vividly recall the warm tears flowing down my faces till it was absorbed by my pillow.”

I was lost. I didn’t know what I was doing or what needed to done. I wished there was someone – a guide or a mentor – who could correct me and show me the right direction. But I was unlucky, Shirik said before adding: “I have learned the hard way; self-learning from my endless mistakes, often regretting and discouraged with no one to turn to.”

Urging the youths, he said, “folks, today you have the privilege and access to many great successful people from our community and outside. Find a mentor today.”

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Sharing his experiences, Shirik said, “In my journey of training and counseling for over a decade – both personal and professional – I have come across one common problem, “Our Limited Beliefs”.

Everybody wants to read and listen to rags to riches stories but nobody wants to go through what they had been through.

But what are beliefs? Now, this is a great question. Many people never even get around to asking this all-important matter in life, “what are beliefs?” let alone exploring what beliefs we have in our lives and identifying where they came from.

Becoming aware of our beliefs can give us insight into our own lives and a basis for personal development and self-growth. Consider how we interact with other people, and how we react to some routine situations or events? Knowing what we believe helps us to identify the parts of our belief system that operates at the foundation level of our lives. Many people become what they believe in, Shirik said while specifically elaborating on the core issue of beliefs system.

Our beliefs give shape to our perception, actions, and decisions and constitute a considerable part of our understanding of the world. How we behave, what we commit our lives to and how we feel about ourselves each day will always be impacted by what we believe about who we are, Shirik added.

Amid tight schedule handling varied issues and conducting back-to-back seminars, Shirik took the time to share his story to Ukhrul Times.


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