Tamenglong Student monitor essential items; Barak river overflow at alarming levels


Tamenglong: Tamenglong Village Students’ Federation (TVSF) on Tuesday underwent checking of shops at Tamenglong Bazaar to keep a tap on shopkeepers hoarding essential commodities or raising prices in essential commodities more than it should not. It was reported that no such cases were found.

However, it was found that stock of potatoes has decreased in most of the shops. Shopkeepers said supplies will be brought soon from Silchar.

Wednesday checking was compelled owing to Irang Bridge that collapsed on May 12, 2022, cutting off Imphal to Tamenglong life-line. It is reported that, most vehicles are now plying via Khoupum-Rengpang Road (also called Old Cachar Road). The District Administration of Noney has advised heavy vehicles not to ply through this road due to the worsening condition of the road.

The TVSF after the survey, submitted their report to the concerned SDO of Tamenglong. It was told more such checking will be carried out. TVSF also urged the public to report any anomaly or price hike of any essential commodities in Tamenglong headquarters.

Barak River

Meanwhile, owning to the Barak river flowing at an alarming level has destroyed many fields as river banks are flooded.

Villages affected by the Barak floods are Inriangluang (Tamenglong) village, L. Pabram, Phellong, Namtiram, Azuram, Saramba, Thiulon, Vanchengphai, Bamgaijang, and other village to the south of these villages. Flood report was also reported in Tamei Sub-division too.

(Courtesy: Tamenglong Times)

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