This Christmas, watch IKALA and INING IPHEIKAR free on from Dec 24 till Jan 1

The feature films are the work of EYAR Production house, starring Khayaikhan R Shimray, Mashun Shaiza, Selina Chanting and Tonreimung Shanglai, written and directed by Grace Rephung YL.

IKALA and INING IPHEIKAR is now streaming on

The two Tangkhul feature films will be available on our online streaming service from December 24th till January 1st midnight as Christmas and New Year gift, free for all.

The two feature films are based on true story which attempts to highlight abuse of power in domestic violence and social issues deeply prevalent in our society. IKALA is a short film based on domestic violence. It portrays a telling relationship of a married couple where the husband’s intimidation and victimisation of his wife becomes unbearable. INING IPHEIKAR is based on the consequences of one’s missteps, oftentimes because of wrong decision taken and the pitfalls in life that could follow.

The feature films are the work of EYAR Production house, starring Khayaikhan R Shimray, Selina Chanting, Mashun Shaiza and Tonreimung Shanglai, written and directed by Grace Rephung YL. and EYAR goal for streaming these two feature films for free, despite being the first movie released on is primarily because these films carry meaningful message. We deeply feel that the social issues in spotlight are real and that people need to see the real implications and the ugly side of patriarchal system in our society taken for granted. That the message needs to cut across all section of people in our society in helping understand the nuances of domestic violence.

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Space for support:

EKALA and INING IPHEIKAR are not the best production one should expect it to be. It has its shortcomings. The production has a prominent social awareness face to it. At the same time, production of movies cost money. It took enormous hard work for Grace to complete these two projects given that this was also her first projects.

We encourage viewers to support and donate whatever amount you feel is right, to help her recover her expenses that went into the making of the films. This is not a compulsion but an appeal. More importantly, encourage viewers to support women in the film industry. Support link will be shared on site soon.

EYAR production released IKALA and INING IPHEIKAR in Delhi, on 29 February 2020 just before the pandemic came calling. The production team had plans to screen the films in other metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune and other states partly as awareness and promotion of the two movies, but everything was cut short and cancelled due to the national lockdown. is the entertainment branch of Ukhrul Times.

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