To get rid of Mask, Lockdown, Social distancing – Vaccinate: Ukhrul dist rolls out Vaccination drive

Dr. Kapangring urged the populace to get themselves vaccinated in the current free vaccination campaign as only “10,000 to 11,000 have been vaccinated in the district which has around 1.5 lakh population.

In line with the order issued by Deputy Commissioner on Saturday, District hospital, Ukhrul announced the beginning of Covid awareness cum vaccination campaign in Ukhrul district in phase manner from June 27 till July 4 on Sunday.

A press conference in this regard was held at DC office, Mini Secretariate by medical team, including Dr. AS Kapangring, Dr. Pamza Luikham, Dr. Yuithingla, Dr. Pamreila Grace. Dr. Themyaola Ningshen and Dr. Thotreichon Julianah.

The free vaccination drive target group comprises of 18 years and above, 45 years and above and pregnant mother and nursing mothers. It will first cover town area and later spread to villages. The first vaccination drive began in Chingjaroi on Sunday. Ukhrul town area will begin today at Rashing Hall, Awungtang.

The medical team shared the importance of vaccination in fighting the pandemic. Addressing various myth and conspiracy theories on social media which has hampered vaccination in the district, Dr. Kapangring, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) emphasized the need for Covid appropriate behaviour. However, he pointed out that adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour is short term and will not eradicate the virus. The only remedy to counter the virus is when the entire populace will vaccinate a herd immunity will be developed. “One can be infected after getting Covishield jab, but the chances of such person getting admitted to ICU for intensive Covid treatment is negligible,” he said.

Dr. Kapangring urged the populace to get themselves vaccinated in the current free vaccination campaign as only “10,000 to 11,000 have been vaccinated in the district which has around 1.5 lakh population. Vaccination hesitancy and complete refusal is to be blamed on unsubstantiated and misleading information circulating on WhatsApp,” he further added.

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Stressing the importance of vaccination, District Surveillance Officer (DSO) Dr. Thotreichon Julianah tasked for screening, isolation, referral alongside district administration said that “Ukhrul district have seen surge of Covid cases. Mass screening, contact tracing, isolation of positive cases has been rigorously exercised. Seipat Zingsho, Viewland, Kamphasom localities have been Covid hotspots. But there are other localities like Greenland, Alungtang, Tangrei where zero cases were detected while mass screening.”

The DSO expressing concern over the general public exhaustion owing to continual lockdown, wearing of mask, constant reminder of social distancing, the trouble families are undergoing in isolation and so on, pointed out that “being tired of all the Covid appropriate behaviour in place, it does not guarantee that these measures will be lifted any time soon. Hence, the last option the general public have is to vaccinate. Only when the localities and villages clear all doubts about vaccination apprehension and get themselves inoculated, we will be able to go back to normalcy,” giving examples of Israel fully vaccinated and parts of United States and few states in India.  

The detailed schedule listed for June 27 till July 4 for Covid awareness cum enforcement committee of 44-Ukhrul and 45-Chingai Assembly constituencies are: Chingjaroi villages, Awungtang and Kasomtang, Meizailung and Naphang, Luiyainaotang and Kashungtang, Awontang and Alungtang, Tangrei and adjoining tangs, Greenland and adjoining tangs, and Peh village.

(With inputs from Ekhon TV)

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