Ukhrul Celebrates 75th Republic Day


Ukhrul: Joining the rest of India, Ukhrul district celebrated the 75th Republic Day on Friday at Bakshi Ground, Hungpung, Ukhrul district.

Chief guest of the celebration, deputy commissioner of Ukhrul, Kengoo Zuringla inspected the parade contingents and unfurled the national flag accompanied by singing of the national anthem. SP of Ukhrul, Ningshem Vashum gave the general salute. Ringthing Hongchui, Additional SP of Ukhrul MPS batch of 2014 was the parade commander at the celebration.

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Speaking at the occasion, deputy commissioner of Ukhrul, Kengoo Zuringla stated that “Our constitution beautifully articulates the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers. It speaks of justice, equality and liberty, principles that form the cornerstones of our democratic ideals. Today as we celebrate Republic Day, let us renew our commitment to uphold these principles and strive to create a society where each individual can live with dignity and freedom. Our journey as a Republic nation has not been without challenges. We have faced social, economic and political hurdles but our resilience and determination have made us strong. The spirit of unity in diversity has bound us together as one nation under one Mother India.”

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Additionally Zuringla said, “On this day, let us celebrate the rich tapestry of our culture and the diversity that makes India truly unique. As we honour the heroes who fought for our freedom, let us also remember the responsibility that comes with our democratic rights. Democracy is not just a system of governance, it is a way of life. It requires active participation, informed citizens and commitment by everyone to the well-being of all. Each of us plays a vital role in shaping the destiny of our nation. And it is our duty to actively participate and contribute positively to growth and development. According to Forbes India as of January 2024, India ranks 12th on the list of the most powerful countries in the world. The ranking is based on economy, political influence, international alliances, military strength and so on. And to that, I would like to add that we acknowledge our achievements and contributions to science, medicine, art, education, technology, music, sports, entertainment and human capital. Manipur, our homestead, has contributed likewise. We are proud of our educators,poets, writers, artists, sports persons, social workers, farmers and community leaders.”

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“Our law enforcement agencies as guardians keep our society and streets safe. We also have our state and municipal administrators who facilitate the development and progress of our society. On this Republic Day, I wish to express my gratitude to all the departments for making the district vibrant. Every department has its given roles and responsibilities. And I would like to acknowledge that because of your department, the government can function effectively. Your contribution is critical to the delivery of our services” stated Kengoo Zuringla. 

A total of 28 parade contingents participated in the celebrations. Savio High School (Girls), Ukhrul Public School (Girls) and Little Angel English School (Girls) were adjusted as the first, second and third position holders respectively.

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