3 Arrested in Connection with Ccpur SBI Loot and killing

Chongthu News Service

Three person has been arrested by police in connection with the SBI cash robbery and killing of an ATM staff incident that occurred on September 4, Friday.

According to source the three persons were employees of Writer Safeguard Group.
The three persons are identified as

  1. V. Thangkhanmuan (40) s/o (L) V Tunkhokam, of V. Munhoih, New Lamka.
  2. Somen Singh (36) s/o K Achouba Singh of Khuga Tampak, Zoveng and
  3. KongKham Brojen Singh (40) s/o (L) KK Sahen Singh of Bamon Kampu, Imphal East.

As per a vernacular paper police also recovered Rs. 20 lakhs from one of the three arrested person. It also reported that the three persons are involved in stealing Rs 2 crores which was supposed to be deposit at ATMs 5 years back.

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