Noney: Haochong Youth Club and Student Organization Strongly Condemns Assault on Ambulance Driver

File photo: Ukhrul Times

Noney: Haochong Youth Club (HYC) and Haochong Student Organization (HSO) have jointly issued a condemnation statement following a disturbing incident on January 13, 2024.

Armed Meitei miscreants physically assaulted Michael Inka, a driver affiliated with the 102 Ambulance Service, while he was transporting essential medicines and supplies for the Haochong area, said the organisations.

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It said that the incident occurred in Kangchup Chingkhong around 5:45 PM, and has instilled fear and apprehension among the local populace stating that the assailants, falsely accusing Inka of transporting medicine for a different ethnic group, targeted the Inpui (Kabui) Naga resident of Haochong.

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In their official statement, HYC and HSO expressed deep concern over the potential escalation of such incidents, emphasizing the latent threat to public safety and the risk of broader conflicts if left unaddressed. The organizations called upon the government to take immediate action against the culprits and enhance security measures along the route, situated in an active conflict zone.

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“The incident underscores the importance of ensuring the safety of civilians and individuals engaged in essential services. HYC and HSO urge swift government intervention to prevent further occurrences and maintain stability in the region,” the statement added.

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