Machonphi Zingkhai, a resident of Kasomtang Hunphun has recently cleared the Chartered Accountancy Examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She made it into the CA examination in her first attempt. After clearing her 5 – months articleship (a training programme required as part of a professional course of study, especially in accountancy) she will be offered CA designation (license).

She did her schooling from Alice Christian higher sec. school Ukhrul and after completing her PU (Science) she did her Graduation in commerce from Abeda Inamdar Sr. college, Pune.

The following is excerpt of a telephonic interview with Machonphi Zingkhai with Ukhrul Times.

UT: A big congratulation on clearing the prestigious Examination conducted by ICAI.

Machonphi: Thank you very much.

UT: What is the secret of your success in the CA examination?
Machonphi: Hard work coupled with perseverance is the key to success.

UT: How much time do you think one requires for serious preparations for this examinations?
Machonphi: Timing (study hours) depends from person to person according to one’s capability.
As for me, I study 10 hours (minimum) per day during my preparation for this Exam.

UT: Why CA, and not an Indian Administrative Services?
Machonphi: From my childhood days, I am fond of calculation.
Right after my matriculation, brother Tsivyo Kasomwoshi (Consultant IBM) introduced me to the Chartered Accountancy Course.

CA is very rare among our North East brethrens and hence I took up the challenge and pursued this course accordingly.

UT: Good to know that you are few months away from entering the real world of Chartered Accountant field.
Machonphi: Yes I am excited. Looking forward to take up new challenges in life.

UT: Top three factors that you think contributed to your success?

Machonphi: 1) Prayer 2) Support from families and friends, and 3) Hard work. These are the three big takeaways.

UT: As much as the community joins you in celebrating your successful innings, your parents and siblings must be on top of the world. What’s their reaction? How helpful were they? Did you face any pressure from your parents?

Machonphi: Indeed! The joy of my parents and family members knew no bounds on hearing that I had cleared this Exam.

My parents gave me their full support. Yes, their all in all! I’ll be grateful and always be indebted to them.

There was no pressure from my parents but it was their heart’s desire and prayer that I pass this exam in my first attempt.

UT: What’s your biggest inspiration?

Machonphi: Born and brought up in a humble family and knowing my parents are always being supportive in spite of all their difficulties. For me my parents are the greatest inspiration.

UT: How do you spent your leisure time? I suppose being from a music die hard community you must also have your favourite music genre. Please elaborate…

Machonphi: I read novels during my leisure time.
Music? I like country music.

UT: The procedure to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) is challenging, as candidates have to clear various exams at different levels, did you face any setbacks while pursuing these highest paying studies?

Machonphi: As I’ve mentioned earlier, I did my higher secondary in Science Stream. Since I didn’t come from Commerce background, I had to start from scratch in my graduation which was indeed a very difficult challenge for me.

Apart from that by the grace of God, I didn’t suffer major setback in my career.

UT: Any leading newspapers that you think CA aspirants should read to brush up or sharpen their General Knowledge.

Machonphi: I would suggest CA aspirants to read Economic Times which is a national newspaper.
GST monthly issue is also recommended.

UT: CA is scarce in our community. What’s your take on this?

Machonphi: One of the reasons why CA is rare in our community is because CA Course is not known to many people. Secondly CA is one of the toughest professional course in our country and hence many couldn’t complete it.

UT: Please tell us something about your future plan.

Machonphi: I would like to set up my own firm in the future. Also, I will share my experiences and knowledge about this particular course to the youngsters so as to produce more CA’s.

UT: Any message you would want to convey to the youths and CA future aspirants.

Machonphi: Set your goal first. Work hard with prayer, dedication and perseverance to achieve your aim in life.

UT: Thank you.



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