Manipur: NE Catholic expresses concern over falsely accused of ‘forceful conversion’ of Hindus


Imphal: The North East Catholic Research Forum (NECARF) has deeply expressed its concerned about recent developments in the country, and in the North East India region, where Christians have been falsely implicated with forceful conversion, through inducement.

“While observing Minority Rights Day, a day celebrated in order to promote and preserve the rights of people belonging to minority communities in India, the Forum is also disturbed by several incidents of attacks wherein people belonging to minority groups have been consistently targeted by groups and organisations belonging to the majority Hindu community,” said the Catholic Forum in a statement issued on Friday.

The Forum also said that as a responsible citizens of this country, who take pride in India’s colourful diversity, principle of justice and equality, cherishing the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India, it pains us to note that certain organisations in our country are pushing towards unity through similarity, rather than through diversity.

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Meanwhile, according to the Forum, the North East Christian Forum initiated by some politicians was formed on November 20, without the informed knowledge of the long standing apex United Christian Forum of North East India (UCFNEI). 

“UCFNEI is a Christian platform of the entire Northeast region, with representatives organically formed and structured from the village and upwards from all Christian denominations. It appears to be an attempt to undermine Christian unity in the region,” stated the Forum.

“Allegations of forceful conversions are also doing the rounds, showing low percentage of Hindus in some Christian dominated states as the narrative, without realising that Christian populations in these states grew from within their own fold, and not otherwise,” it said.

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The Forum further urged the Christians in the region to guard against any attempt to break Christian solidarity and unity with a clear objective of dividing.

Minority Rights Day which is observed on December 18 every year was celebrated at the National Commission for Minorities in New Delhi on December 16.

The United Nations on December 18, 1992 adopted and broadcast the Statement on the individual’s Rights belonging to religious or linguistic national or ethnic minorities. The day upholds the right to freedom and equal opportunities for the minorities and creates awareness about their rights.

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