Manipur violence gone off News Front Page: 103 Journalists across India appeals to ensure Manipur crisis stays in News

File photo: Ukhrul Times

As many as 103 editors and journalist from across India from various media houses and news agencies across the spectrum and across media platforms in an urgent appeal have appealed fellow editors and journalists to ensure that Manipur stays in the news.

After more than two months of unprecedented civic strife and violence, events in this state have gone off the front pages. The incidents of violence were barbaric, with gross violation of human rights becoming routine. As of last week, more than 142 people have been killed in the violence, over 300 wounded and over 50,000 internally displaced. Despite this, both the state and central government have not taken adequate measures to quell the violence or address the grievances of the clashing communities.

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We urge those covering this situation to go beyond the ghastly reported beheading, burnings and shootings, to follow up with diligent fact-checking and contextualise reports of brutality and atrocities.

We need more reporting from states like Mizoram and Assam, where the displaced have taken shelter, to bring alive the consequences of this ethnic war.  

Media from across the country must report, and media houses must demand security for their reporters.

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No pressure is being built on the government by the media to act and hold the state authorities accountable. In what people in the Northeast refer to as mainland India, the daily media coverage by national media outlets has rapidly receded. The Northeast has a long history of being invisible in the mainstream press.

It is inconceivable that any of this could happen in India’s heartland or Southern states without reporters rushing there in droves or, the developments being lead coverage. There is little reporting of Manipur by mainstream TV channels.

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It is our sincere appeal to the editors to ensure that the Manipur situation is not only given front-page or prime time coverage but also adequate space in the form of editorials, articles, prime time discussions. 

We appeal to you to relentlessly document the horror and neglect so that the conflict becomes impossible for the government to treat as business as usual, and so that the full horror of what is happening cannot be ignored by citizens and lawmakers.

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1. Nilova Roychaudhury, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

2  Hoihnu Hauzel, Journalist, Gurgaon

3.  Sevanti Ninan, Journalist, New Delhi

4. Patricia Mukhim, The Shillong Times, Shillong

5. Anuradha Bhasin,  The Kashmir Times, Jammu

6. Teresa Rehman, The Thumbprint Magazine, Assam

7. Jyoti Malhotra, The Print, New Delhi

8. Durba Ghosh, Press Trust of India, Guwahati

9. Pamela Phillipose, The Wire, New Delhi

10.  Nupur Basu, Independent Journalist, Bengaluru

11. Clara Lewis, Journalist, Mumbai

12.  Bachi Karkaria, Times of India, Mumbai

13. Santwana Bhattacharya, New Indian Express, Bengaluru

14. Ramya Kannan, The Hindu, Chennai

15. Deepal Trivedi, Vibes of India, Ahmedabad

16. Maya Mirchandani, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

17. Mannika Chopra, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

18. Amrita Verma, ABP News, Bihar

19. Radhika Ramaseshan, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

20. Anwesha Banerjee, Journalist, Kolkata

21. Nirupama Subramanian, Journalist, Mumbai

22. Kajal Iyer, Independent Journalist, Mumbai

23. Vineeta Pandey, The Asian Age, New Delhi

24. Suhasini Haidar, Journalist, New Delhi

25. Rajashri Dasgupta, Independent Journalist, Kolkata

26. Nirmala Ganapathy, New Delhi

27. Kasturi Roy, New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar

28. Seema Sirohi, Independent Journalist, New Delhi & USA

29. Madhumita Datta, Anandabazar Patrika, Kolkata

30. Aatreyee Dhar, Independent Journalist, Assam

31. Meetu Jain, The Wire, New Delhi

32. Barasa Das, Independent Journalist, Guwahati

33. Sahana Nag Chowdhury, Independent Journalist, Kolkata

34. Vidya Subrahmaniam, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

35. Shikha Mukherjee,  Independent Journalist, Kolkata

36. Maya Sharma, Independent Journalist, Bengaluru

37. Rakhi Ghosh, Independent Journalist, Bhubaneswar

38. Seema Guha, Journalist, New Delhi

39. Uma Sudhir, Journalist, Hyderabad

40. Aekta Kapoor, eShe Magazine, New Delhi

41. Muslim Jan, Independent Journalist, Kashmir

42. Kanchan Srivastava, News Portal –Dialogue, Maharashtra

43. Deepa Kadam, Journalist, Sakal, Mumbai

44. Monideepa Banerjie, Independent Journalist, Kolkata

45. Neena Gopal, Independent journalist, Bengaluru

46. Akangjungla Longchar, Morung Express, Nagaland

47. Seetu Tewari, BBC, Patna

48. Ritika, Feminism in India, Bihar

49. Arundhati Mukherjee, Independent Journalist, Kolkata

50. Ezrela Dalidai Fanai, North East Today/Hornbill TV, Aizawl

51. Kavitha Muralidharan,  Independent Journalist, Chennai

52. Anita Katyal, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

53. Nasreen Habib, Journalist, Guwahati

54. Shuma Raha, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

55. Mumeninaz Zaman, Journalist, Guwahati

56. Sanskrita  Bharadwaj, Independent Journalist, Guwahati

57  Joyshree Usham, Impact News, Manipur

58  Smita Gupta, Independent Journalist, New Delhi

59. Tazeen Qureshy, Independent Journalist, Bhubaneswar

60. Rachna Khaira, Independent Journalist, Chandigarh

61. Coreena Suares, Newsmeter, Hyderabad

62. Chandrima Bhattacharya, The Telegraph, Kolkata

63. Arfa Khanum Sherwani, The Wire, New Delhi

64. Divya Chandrababu, Hindustan Times, Chennai

65. Dhanya Rajendran, The News Minute, Bengaluru

66. Leena, Media Morcha, Bihar

67. Jasleen Kaur, PTC News, Chandigarh

68. Rubee Das, Freelance Journalist, Guwahati

69. Nivedita Jha, Independent Journalist, Patna

70. Kimi Colney, East Mojo, Itanagar

71. Lakshmi Sharma, Independent Journalist, Siliguri

72.Gita Aravamudan, Independent Journalist Bengaluru.

73. Revati Laul, Independent Journalist , Shamli

74 Rajashri Dasgupta, Independent journalist, Kolkata

75. Anuradha Sharma, Independent Journalist, Siliguri

76. Sonal Kellog, founder, Ahemdabad

78. Ritash, Rang Collective, Bengaluru

79 Ritika, Feminism India, Bengaluru

80. Padmaja Shaw, journalist, Hyderabad 

81. Sanhita Banerjee, journalist, Kolkata

82 Vasanthi Hariprakash: Journalist, Bengaluru

83. Geeta Seshu, Journalist, Mumbai

84. Tasneem Kutubuddin, Journalist, Chennai

85. Shahina KK, Journalist, Kochi

86. Mandira Nayar, Journalist, New Delhi

87. Revathi Shiva Kumar, Journalist, Bengaluru

88. Swapna Majumdar, Journalist, New Delhi

89. Bidisha Singha, Journalist, Guwahati

90. Sushmita, PTI, Guwahati

91. Parul Sharma, Journalist, New Delhi

92. Linda Chhakchhuak, Independent Journalist, Shillong

93. Sangita Agarwal, Ommcomm News, Bhubaneswar

94. Minnie Vaid, Journalist, Mumbai

95. Sobhana Rupakumar, Journalist, Chennai

96. Vinita Vishwas Deshmukh, Journalist, Pune

97. Naz Asghar, India News Stream, New Delhi and Aligarh

98. Madhu Trehan, Journalist, New Delhi

99. Swati Bhattacharjee, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Kolkata

100. Ninglun Hanghal, Independent Journalist, Guwahati and Imphal

101. Kirti S. Parade, Photojournalist, Mumbai

102 Purnima Sah, The Hindu, Mumbai

103 Raksha Kumar, Journalist, Bengaluru

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