NPO & others convey gratitude to all on Naga Solidarity Walk 2022


Senapati: The Naga People’s Organisation (NPO), Senapati extended their sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the organizations, Associations, Unions, villagers, churches, walkers and all the individuals who have selflessly contributed to make the NAGA SOLIDARITY WALK, 2022 under the theme, “ONE PEOPLE, ONE DESTINY ” a grand success.

In a gratitude note issued by Jonah Mao K., General Secretary, NPO stated that the co-operation and sacrificial contribution towards the solidarity walk is highly valued and will ever be remembered. The organisation looks forward for continued support and co-operation in the days to come too. The Naga People’s Organisation further conveys their biggest “Thank You” to each and every one for making the historic Naga Solidarity Walk, 2022 a memorable one.

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Vichütuolie Mere, Convenor, Naga Solidarity Walk, 2022 expressed gratitude to each and every member of the Core Team in making the “Naga Solidarity Walk 2022” a great success. The Convenor, Naga Solidarity Walk, 2022 also conveyed thanks and gratitude to all the members of each and every Organisation/Union/Association/Villagers and most of all the Walkers stating it will ever remember the sacrifices they gave in the historic event for the cause of the nation.

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