Patriots Day observed at Mayangkhang

L.D. Samuel Pao | Senapati, Aug 13: Recalling the sacrificial death laid down for the freedom of the nation in the past, the Thangal Naga tribe observed Patriots Day at General Thangal Ecological park, Mayangkhang. The program was organized in low profile due to the ensuing global pandemic but with strict observance of SOP during the program.

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Executives of the Thangal Union, Thangal Students Union, Thangal Women’s Union and the Thangal Naga Baptist Association attended the program. Participants laid wreaths in honour of the foregone leaders in front of the statue of General Thangal, erected at the park before the commencement of the program led by the President, Thangal Union.

Speaking on the occasion, Y.K. Kaping, President, Thangal Union in his speech stated that it was on this day in the year 1891 that the heroic forefathers laid down their lives in the gallows of the British, thus showing to the world how much the people of Manipur love to preserve the independence of their motherland. The Govt. Of Manipur has been observing “Patriots Day” on August 13 every year since 1970 as a mark of respect and reverence to the known and unknown heroes who sacrificed their lives in the struggle to defend freedom of their motherland.

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Mention may be made that many heroes from Manipur including General Thangal (Lungthoubu in local name), Bir Tikendrajit and Charai Thangal were hanged till death for waging war against Queen Victoria. President of the Thangal Union regretted to have organized the observation in a simple manner this year where he stated that it used to be organized in a very grand manner in the past in honour of the past leaders.

Many leaders have died even in foreign countries who could not be brought back to their native places due to weak means of transportation in those days. A hero is someone who could give away all his life for the sake of its citizens but he regretted that there are many elements at present who try to pull a leader down on different occasions. The patriots never dreamed to let their people under someone’s rule. “With an aim that no force on earth could away the independence of the region, the patriots gave away their lives for the sake of their people during their time.”

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Many recorded and unrecorded leaders of the past gave away their lives for the freedom of their land, he said adding he hopeful that the region could see a brighter future if all such leaders reincarnate at present. While asking all sections of the society to build a better relationship, the president of the Union urged all to love one another and cooperate with each other to hope for a brighter future.

Correspondent from Senapati

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