Public Consultative Meet On Hill Areas Committee Recommended ADC Bill, 2021 Held At Japhou Chandel

President ATSUM urged the tribal community to stand united until the tabling of the bill in the assembly is achieved.

Chandel: A public consultative meeting on ‘Hill Areas Committee (HAC) Recommended, the Manipur (Hill Areas) ADC Bill 2021 was held at Japhou Community Hall Chandel on Tuesday. The meeting was oraganized by Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC) under the aegis of All Tribal Students” Union Manipur (ATSUM).

President Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC), Sk. Joseph Lamkang extended warm welcome speech to the visiting leaders, dignitaries, tribe hohos and presidents, ADC members, CSOs, women leaders, village authorities, surrounding chief associations, student community, and all the public for attending the consultative meeting.

President ATSUM, Paotinthang Lupheng in his keynote address emphasized the importance of the ADC Bill 2021 and the need to be tabled in the Manipur Legislative Assembly Session. Leaders who advocate the bill should be re-elected, he stated. He urged the tribal community to stand united until the tabling of the bill in the assembly is achieved.

President CNPO, David Boyes mentioned that deprivation at times unites people. Let our objective be cleared and strive forward to achieve our goals. Let us understand the ADC Bill matter seriously and support our leaders, he mentioned.

President ANSAM, Wanglar Thiirtung appeal to all the tribals to support the leaders collectively to achieve our demands. ADC Bill embodies our rights and we should strike to achieve it unitedly.

KSO-GHQ, General Secy. Stony Seiboi express their full support and cooperation for ADC Bill 2021 to be tabled in the Manipur assembly. Making the tribal people understand the significance of the ADC Bill is important, he emphasized.

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Chairman HAC, Leishiyo Keishing in his short speech stressed that “We are not asking anything beyond our rights and limits”. ADC Bill 2021 is very much within the purview of the constitution and guide book on rules of procedure and conduct of business in Manipur Legislative Assembly Tenth Edition. Go to hills will become more meaningful if the ADC Bill 2021 is tabled in the assembly for further discussion and deliberation.

Member HAC TN. Haokip commented that among the tribals of North East India, Manipur tribals are the most unfortunate groups of people. ADC Bill is an expression of our tribal legitimate rights and claims.

MLA and member of HAC, Dk. Korungthang during his speech mentions that tribal concerns and issues are much bigger and larger. The ADC Bill is irrespective of political parties. Support any candidate who stood for ADC Bill irrespective of one’s political affiliation, he concluded.

The public interactive session was opened for question and discussion session with positive response and participation from the audience. The session was moderated by Y. Melody Makunga and Warnihring Wango along with Dilbung Johny as guest artists. Sr. Andrea Gen/Secy, ATSUM appreciated all the members in his vote of thanks and specially to Ex-ADC member Sh. Manglem for hosting the VIPs and staffs in his residence for lunch. D. Damaru Pastor Diiringkhu Fellowship Church and Sh. Shrimon Pastor Japhou Baptist Church graced the opening and closing session with words of prayer.

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