Seasonal Memory

The green field stretches on to a panoramic view,
The rain begins its glorious downpour on the wind’s cue,
The earth breathes, and the trees dance with life in the rain,
A frog croaks nearby, relishing Nature’s bless’d reign.

Farmers gather in their shacks watching in ecstasy,
Drunk with pleasure the fishes swim in frenzy,
The fog swirls around waltzing through the air gaily,
The flowers open up their petals stealthily.

Thunder and lightning applause at the flowers graceful dance,
The clouds move dutifully as Mother Nature demands,
As the crimson evening sun slowly spreads its mirth,
Its comforting warmth embraces the weepy Earth.

Then as I look over the lush fields that fleeting day,
I hardly think of an impression on me someday
That this celebration of life would leave on me an effect –
A profound memory of a season that is flawlessly perfect.


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