Several pig dies of unknown disease at Phalee & Chingjaroi Khullen village in Ukhrul dist

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Representational image (Photo: Ukhrul Times)

Ukhrul: In yet another sad development for the domesticated livestock rearers of Ukhrul district, unknown disease has claimed several pigs at Chingjaroi Khullen and Phalee village in Ukhrul district.

Sources said that the casualties tally from the disease has crossed over 70 and several were in critical conditions at Chingjaroi Khullen while at Phalee village over 20 pigs has reportedly died of the disease.

The infected pigs showed symptoms of bodily weaknesses, loss of appetite and succumbed to the infection within few days of being infected, sources added.

Following the outbreak of the disease, vaccines for Chingjaroi village has been duly delivered to the veterinary staff posted at the village, sources confirmed, adding that injection will be administered either on Saturday or Sunday as villagers had gone to their respective fields for paddy plantations with the onset of the monsoon.

Recently over 100 pigs had fallen to the unknown disease at Sinakeithei village in west of Ukhrul district. The outbreak of the disease was also reported in one of the piggery farm located at Grihang village in Kamjong district recently.

In the early part of this month, as many as nine cows had also died of unknown disease at Leishi village in Phungyar block.

In the recent past, unknown disease has claimed several Asiatic buffaloes in different parts of Ukhrul district.

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