State Legislators sans CM hold meeting with Youth of Manipur in New Delhi; BJP minister L Susindro comes under attack


Delhi: Ministers and MLAs representing the valley area of Manipur held a meeting with the Youth of Manipur at Manipur Bhavan, New Delhi on Saturday afternoon. The meeting, which took place at 4 pm, focused on addressing pressing concerns and finding constructive solutions to the ongoing situation in Manipur. During the proceedings of the meeting, several key agreements were reached like a reiteration of commitment to no separate administration, ensuring security arrangements to prevent firing and seeking an audience with the prime minister.

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However, at one point of time during the meeting, the members of the Youth of Manipur got aggressive and tried to hit minister L Susindro Meitei (Yaima). The state legislators condemned the incident and said the incident was uncalled for and would invite legal action, says an official press release from the Manipur government. Furthermore all the MLAs and ministers expressed their readiness to promptly return to Imphal to finalize point no 3. However, it has come to our attention that certain individuals took to social media during the meeting and disseminated information that does not accurately represent the agreements reached. This action is deeply regrettable and constitutes a breach of trust, it added.

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The press also says, The Youth of Manipur also raised additional demands during the meeting, which are found to be unrelated to the core issues and, regrettably, unacceptable. These demands raised by the Youth of Manipur include the formation of a regional party; the change of the chief minister; the appointment of an alternate chief minister; and a request for a specific date for executing the agreed points.

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The demand to establish a regional political party was not deemed relevant to the current situation. The demand for a change of chief minister was outside the scope of the meeting’s objectives. The suggestion to appoint an alternate chief minister was discussed but not agreed upon. The demand for a specific timeline for the execution of the agreed points was made but remains under consideration. It is imperative to clarify that all participants in the meeting share a common identity as Manipuris, and the sentiments of everyone involved are equally affected by the current crisis, it added.

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The MLAs said they wish to emphasize their unwavering commitment to resolving the issues in Manipur in the most amicable and constructive manner possible. They call upon the youth and the people of Manipur to join hands in this collective endeavour and stand united for the betterment of Manipur.

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