Teaching Project in Chandel

Wisecrab club recently started a Teaching Project for the less fortunate GREF children who don't have access to education.

Chandel: Wisecrab is a society/club based in Chandel, formed in the year 2018 for like-minded individuals who love quizzing, debating, writing, drawing and other knowledge-related activities.

The club recently started a Teaching Project for the less fortunate GREF children who don’t have access to education. They have 10 volunteer teachers hailing from diverse professions including a vet doctor, a music teacher, a few college students,a couple of B.Ed students,and several wisecrabs executives giving classes thrice a week.

Generous monetary contributions from some known kind souls and some random strangers is what helps the club advance. Also, donations of used clothes, stationery items by voluntary teachers and other necessities have helped the children to a great extent.

The club has had classes for the past 4 weeks. They have a Christmas break and will restart from the first week of January.Ts Mhanthung as the Founder cum President, Earlis Dilbung as the Vice President, and Aquiline Moyon as the Secretary have been working selflessly to bring education closer to the less fortunate people.Club Executives Leikhamshel Saka, Onhring Langhu, Ts Hmanrose, Ts Konia has been working tirelessly behind the scenes.

There are several volunteer teachers teaching the children – Unsah Sumpi (Teacher),Dr Hb Warngam, RT Pekimhring (B.Ed student), Wng Thimnirose (Music teacher), George Sankhil and RT Khamhring.

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