TNL Approves Resignation of Former President, Hopingson A Shimray

He expressed his contentment in bringing the TNL and Hunphun together and resolving the issue between them saying, "there will be no fault finding between TNL and Hunphun village, and that they will live in harmony".

The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) on Tuesday approved the resignation letter of Hopingson A Shimray. He resigned from the post on August 31 to contest in the upcoming Manipur state general election in 2022 from 43-Phungyar assembly constituency.

He joined TNL in November 8, 2018 as the President of TNL after he took voluntary retirement from Indian Railway Account (IRA) in 2016.

He took to his official Facebook handle and said, “My journey as the President of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) has officially ended today (12-10-21)”.

Hopingson A Shimray, in a meeting with Ukhrul District Working Journalist Association (UDWJA) expressed his gratitude to TNL for accepting his resignation. “To work along with Tangkhul community, headmen and leaders of all Tangkhul villages has been a tremendous journey. We have been a lot together, good and bad times but the vice president, TNL phungva, Longnao and those who worked alongside me had given a good cooperation, and we have been working in unity,” said Shimray.

In the meeting with UDWJA, he thanked the TNL vice president, members and his former seniors colleagues for giving him undivided support. In addition, he also expressed his contentment in bringing the TNL and Hunphun together and resolving the issue between them saying, “there will be no fault finding between TNL and Hunphun village, and that they will live in harmony,” and further expressed with delight, ”My resignation acceptance and reconciliation of TNL and Hunphun village, this two events have made me very happy,” he added.

Hopingson A Shimray said he had gained tremendous experience while working with the CSOs and has been able to serve the people, adding that those experience will become a great asset for him and will be helpful in his political journey as he remarked.

“I have taken resignation to contest for election. When I was in IRA service I took premature but voluntary retirement in 2016, three years before my actual retirement year, 2019. My aim was to take part in electoral politics, to take part in Manipur Legislative Assembly and do what is needed for Naga and the tribals of the state. In 2017, I could not achieve what I wanted to achieve but this time I want to finish the unfinished mission. And hence, I took premature resignation as the president of TNL without completing my term. I believe in the work that I aim to do, which will be bigger and greater role in electoral politics, something I could not have done while I was a TNL President,” he said.

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While touching on the political party he intends to join, he said that his aim is to bring development for the Tangkhul and tribal people. He said “When it comes to development, he believes BJP can deliver more. BJP has more edge over other political parties in Manipur. The party is focused on development and has clear goals and benefits for the people. Therefore, in order to be able to bring about all round development, I have chosen BJP”.

Hopinson A Shimray said that he along with the Church leaders had organized All Tangkhul Churches and Leaders prayer summit in 2019 where 3000 congregation including church leaders and headmen of all villages attended the summit. A peace rally was also organized with all the churches that is situated in between Meizailung to Kaziphung.

He also said that, TNL under the leadership of Hopingson A Shimray took the initiative in bringing understanding when the Kukis, in October 2019 were planning to erect a memory stone for Anglo Kuki war commemoration of 100 years, that there was no Anglo Kuki War and that they cannot use the phrase ‘Ancestral land’. When none of the Naga tribe in Manipur took the action, not even UNC. TNL was the first to write an open letter to KNO to bring communal harmony.

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