10 Oppn parties request state Guv to arrange meeting with PM


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Imphal: The “bloc of 10 like-minded opposition political parties” on Friday submitted a memorandum to the Manipur governor, Anusuiya Uikey urging her to arrange a meeting of all political parties in Manipur with the prime minister to find a solution to the present situation in the state.

Leaders of the 10 political parties – MPCC, JDU, CPI, CPI(M), AAP, RSP, NCP, SS(UBT), AIFB and AITC – submitted the memorandum after meeting with the governor at Raj Bhavan, said senior Congress leader and former Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh at a press conference held at Imphal Congress Bhavan after the meeting with the governor.

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Leaders of other political parties also attended the press conference.

Ibobi Singh said that the 10 like-minded political parties, after a thorough deliberation on the ongoing crisis, decided to urge the governor to arrange a meeting of all political parties.

He lamented that even after more than six months since the violent clashes erupted on May 3 last, there is no sign of ending the violence. The state government or the centre so far has not come up with a concrete step to resolve the crisis, he also said.

“The state government is not seen chalking out a plan on how to bring the communities in conflict to the negotiating table, which is a must for restoration of peace and normalcy in the state,” he further said.

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In such a situation, the opposition political parties considered it necessary on the part of the centre to intervene and take up necessary steps to resolve the crisis, he said.

The former three-time chief minister then said that the 10 like-minded political parties have been urging the centre to find a way to resolve the crisis that has caused a huge loss of lives, properties and displacement of more than 60,000 people belonging to both communities.

Representatives of the opposition parties had even camped in New Delhi to meet the prime minister and other central leaders to press them to find a solution to the present conflict in the state. However, they had to come back to Imphal without meeting with the prime minister as no positive response was received from the prime minister‘s office.

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Even though there was no positive response to the appointment with the prime minister, the opposition parties were hopeful that the centre would find a way to resolve the crisis. But, no step was seen taken up so far, Ibobi further said.

“The situation is a complex one. The prime minister is the only hope for bringing peace in the state,” the former chief minister said while expressing confidence that the state governor will raise the matter with the PMO at the earliest.

In the memorandum, too, the “like-minded political parties” stated, “We consider that the prime minister of India is the only hope for bringing peace in the state.”

It urged the governor to facilitate a meeting of all political parties in Manipur with the prime minister to find a solution to the conflict under his leadership and guidance.

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In the memorandum, the 10 political parties also stated that the living condition of the internally displaced people in relief camps is “inhuman.”

“At the same time, there are instances of sporadic killing, firing and kidnapping of people including students, thereby, leaving the people in great tension, uncertainty and untold hardships, especially to those living on the periphery/borders between hills and valleys.”

“The social and economic lives of all sections of the society have been uprooted. There is still a lot of mistrust among the people,” the memorandum added.

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