21st General Session of TPO concludes at Purul, Senapati district

Senapati: The 21st General Session of the Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) was held at Purul Akutpa village under Senapati district on Tuesday, hosted by the Poumai Naga Union (PNU). The program was held under the theme, “Tenyimi-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” which was graced by Neiba Kronu, Minister, Planning & Coordination, Parliamentary Affairs and Land Records & Survey, government of Nagaland as special guest and J. Kumo Sha, MLA, government of Manipur as honoured guest.

Mention may be made that Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) is the apex body of 10 tribes from Nagaland, Manipur and Assam consisting of the Pochury, Poumai, Thangal, Rengma, Maram, Inpui, Chakhesang,Angami, Mao and Zeliangrong tribes.

In his presidential address, Timikha Koza, President, TPO stated that the world at present is going through unprecedented tough times which could not anticipate in one’s imagination. In such situation, the TPO urged the people to think more seriously about various issues facing the people and the areas that require to be addressed. The present situation as stated by TPO President cannot be complacent, something inherited and simply waiting for the political situation to solve and address all the issues and challenges that are raging before everyone. The President stated that he firmly believes that a time has now come for all to take out the responsibility of dealing with unpleasant truth within the TPO family and the way forward. “There is no more time for us to be speaking platitudes, polite words and beating around the bush for fear of calling a spade, a spade and for fear of disturbing the settled way of life,” Timikha stated calling upon Tenyimi community to be united and safeguard the identity of Tenyimi.

Honoured guest, J. Kumo Sha, MLA stated that unity and strength of the people is supreme. While motto of the TPO is given as “Unity, peace and Progress,” the MLA is afraid if people would be further divided due to land dispute having forgotten to come from same family. Theme of the day, “Tenyimi-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Kumo Sha also urged the gathering to revisit the past history and renew its vision to live in unity as one family. In order to strengthen the functioning of the TPO, MLA Kumo Sha proposed to formation of Tenyimi Youth Organization and also to plan out for a grand cultural promotion program.
Speaking as the special guest, Nagaland Minister, Planning & Coordination, Parliamentary Affairs and Land Records & Survey, Neiba Kronu stated that the forefathers had done their part well when talking about yesterday who were known for their hard working, honesty, sincerity, hospitality and bravery. The minister asserted that even the Britisher called the Tenyimi tribe as “The brave Nagas.” While people have been facing lots of issues, the minister urged the people to take wise decision so as not to let the future generation blame on the present leaders.

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Solidarity messages from Tenyimi Women Organization, Naga People’s Organization, Senapati, Tenyimi Union, Dimapur and United Naga Council were brought during the program. Folk tune from Chakhesang Cultural Organization enthralled the gathering during the inaugural session.

During the business session, Sovenyi, Convenor, Board of Arbitrators which was constituted by the TPO sought for more time to give the final verdict relating to Kezoltsa/Koziirii/Kazing along Dziiko area. The convenor of BOA added that the delay was made having seen the contending parties are not coming forward and are not ready to accept the judgement. Having said this, the BOA convenor urged all to pray to the Almighty to bring an amicable solution.

21st General Session of TPO Senapati

It may be noted that the Board of Arbitrators was constituted by the TPO with 2 representatives from each 10 tribes under TPO who are reportedly working to bring the verdict over the land dispute.

According to the statement of the Convenor, the board has held several meetings in their effort to settle the issue within the Tenyimi customary law and practices, sought suggestions from leaders and thinkers, undertaken surveys, recorded statements from all parties. Sovenyi further mentioned that it is not only their mission to settle the dispute but also to remove misunderstanding among the people, to strengthen, unite and protect the identity of the people in their endeavour.

Later, search committee was constituted to appoint new executives for the next tenure and is set to meet on June 3 at Kohima where the BOA will also present their written report there. The 21st General Session of the TPO is stated to be the biggest ever general sessions held till date.

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