Thinking Different: Chizami Quarantine Centre changes name to COVID19 Creativity Hub Chizami

chizami creativty hub

COVID19 Task Force Chizami has named their quarantine center as ‘COVID-19 Creativity Hub Chizami’.

The Convenor of the COVID-19 Task Force Chizami, Wetshete Thopi stated that during one of their trips to the centre an idea struck seeing the negativity that has engulfed everyone with the virus including stigmatization, discrimination and the unspoken fear of the returnees by the local folks. Months of lockdown and further quarantine at various facilities within the state must have taken a huge toll on their mental health and so to create something positive they decided to name the facility as ‘COVID-19 CREATIVITY HUB’ instead of ‘COVID-19 QUARANTINE CENTRE’.

As the name suggests, it is a place for creativity, positivity and productivity and not a place to be abhorred and looked with disdain. They wanted the returnees to stay positive and make the best use of their stay at the facility, using their creative talents and abilities to create and make positive stuffs so as to spread positivity in the midst of a global gloom that has surrounded us.

COVID creativity hub 1

North East Network (NEN) provided the necessary tools and kits to the returnees like diary/notebook, drawing book, poster, pencil, colors and brush so that they can make use of their time writing stories, poems, do the drawings and paintings, and crafts as they spent time at the centre. Their works will be collected and will be published by NEN at a later time.

Source: DIPR Nagaland

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