Kangpokpi: Makhan Naga Village says it will not tolerate armed groups trespassing its territory

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The Makhan (Makhen) Village Authority under Saitu Gamphazol Sub-Division, Kangopkpi District has issued a press release stating that on the evening of the January 17, Wednesday, the Makhan Village Authority was informed about a movement of armed group advancing towards the village, and undertaking rounds of area and location survey.

The Makhan Village has said that it shall not tolerate such trespassing and intentional interference of the village and its territory.

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“This is to enlighten, notify and make apprise to those armed groups doing unsolicited patrol-like advances and surveillance in a territory that belongs to the Makhan Naga Village, that such patrols are totally unacceptable,” the press release issued on Thursday said.

The Naga Village under Kangpokpi District further said that any further act of trespassing shall be deemed blatant transgression. “We hereby offer and leave a stern appeal to everyone or any armed group having movements in and around the village, that such rounds of surveillance which is totally against the command and law of the Makhan Village, whether armed or unarmed, be immediately stopped. We shall not allow such trivialities and frivolities of trespassing that carry a potential to spark off further tension and bloodshed,” it added.

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The press release also said that Makhan Village is a town settlement that has multi roads leading to many destinations, and that the roads are commuted and travelled by hosts of commuters irrespective of tribes or communities every day. It also maintained that all motorist or pedestrian crossing Makhan Village is given entry and passage after proper identification and registration.

“Time and again, the Makhan Village would say that it is a Naga Village and is neutral in the status quo, and shall strive for peace and harmony,” said the Makhan (Makhen) Village Authority.

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