Liangmai Naga bodies condemn action of Kuki militants in Leimakhong


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Imphal, June 20: On the burning down of a Liangmai Naga house in Leimakhong on June 18 by the Kukis, various Liangmai organizations asserted that they will not remain mute spectators. 

The Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi, Manipur (LNKR-M) or Liangmai student union, Liangmai Pui Naga Ruangdi (LPNR) or Liangmai women union and Liangmai Naga Ruangdi (LNR), the apex organisation of Liangmai Nagas of Nagaland and Manipur, strongly condemned the incident happened on June 18 where a Liangmai Naga house in Leimakhong Chingmang was burnt down by the kukis. 

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In a separate statement, the Liangmai Naga Ruangdi said it is unfortunate to learn that on June 18, 2023 at around 12 pm (midnight) at Leimakhong the Kukis burnt down a Naga house with full knowledge that it belonged to a Naga family and vandalised the two gates at Leimakhong which belonged to Nagas.

“It is to mention that despite the presence of a large military personnel and burning houses in front of the main gate of 57th Mountain Division, Army HQ, Leimakhong, where hundreds of thousands of central forces stationed there. “These military forces remain a mute spectator to the attack perpetrated by the Kukis. Now, our lives and properties are not safe. Besides, the role of military and central forces in conflict-torn areas in the state cannot remain unquestioned,” the LNR added.

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The Liangmai apex body then said torching and vandalism of houses and gates belonged to Nagas at Leimakhong was not isolated cases. “It may be mentioned that despite warnings, the Kukis had forcefully built war bunkers and makeshifts within the jurisdiction of a Naga village called K. Lungwiram. In addition to that, a few weeks ago, during the clashes between the Kukis and Meiteis, K. Lungwiram was deliberately targeted and fired upon by the Kukis inspite of knowing that it is a Naga village so as to create fear psychosis amongst the Nagas in the areas,” the LNR also added.

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The LNR also said inspite of knowing the Nagas’ neutral stand in the ongoing conflict the Kukis have been involved in waylaying and carrying out frisking and checking the Liangmai Nagas. “Despite repeated warnings, the Kukis have been harassing the Liangmai Naga travellers or commuters on National Highway-2, Leimakhong areas including IT- Road. The Liangmai Naga organisations will not remain mute spectators,” it warned. 

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Meanwhile, the LNKR-M and LPNR said the Konsakhul villagers with certain peripheral have allotted the Kukis to settle for a certain period in the areas. “Whereas, the Kukis  taking advantages and creating continuous ruckus to the Konsakhul villagers is an act of questionable. As the Kukis intentionally burnt the Liangmai Naga house even after they noticed the placard pasted on the gate as Liangmai Naga. Besides, the Kukis even tore down another gate mentioned as Liangmai Naga in the Leimakhong area,” the two Liangmai bodies stated. 

They also mentioned that the Liangmai Naga tribe is one of the majority tribes among the Nagas and a peace loving community.

The Liangmai organisations then warned that it will not remain a mute spectator. They demanded that stringent actions are taken against the Kukis and justice should be delivered only through the Naga highest customary laws by the Naga apex body.

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