Red Light Passengers Out With New Music Video ‘Love will light our homes’

UT Features | Delhi, July 17: “Love will light our homes” is an introspective song, and speaks about the need to change our perceptions, and work on ourselves should we wish to bring about any change in the world. Because, we radiate who we are on the inside.


Due to the lockdown, the song was recorded at our own homes mostly using phones but nonetheless hoping it will convey the message.

About the band:

Red Light Passengers is a band of Naga family, based in Delhi. The band sprouted in 2012 with the vision of sharing message of love, peace and unity through music. It is a band with a cause – to be agents of positivity. They take values very seriously, and are determined to be a living examples of their lyrics. Most of their music are their original compositions, echoing their mission. They have released three of their originals (Fall Away, All Around and Mother’s Day song) on their YouTube channel, and a few of their audio is featured on Indihut. They are actively involved with their circle on various social media platforms, when they’re not busy creating new songs. Here’s a family from different states and backgrounds, united in their common love of humanity.

RLP family members:

  1. Nokho Nyekha (Manager)
  2. Thotmung Muivah (Vocalist)
  3. Ram Gonmei (Bassist)
  4. Along Jamir (Drummer)
  5. Vikepe Yhokha (Former Drummer)
  6. Poujen Pamei (Former Guitarist)
  7. Temsu Longkumer (Former Guitarist)

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About Red Light Passengers is a band of friends who simply wants to share their music with others. Biography Love for music brought us together since 2011. A…
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