Meisum talks to Grace, 12th CBSE 2020 Arts community topper

Grace Leiyachon Jagoi from Arts stream topped the 12th CBSE 2020 exam among the Tangkhuls with 95.83 percent this year from JNV Ramva. Grace is from Phalee Village. Her father is a cultivator.

Her subject wise marks are English-93, Hindi-98, History-95, Geography-97, Economics-95 and additional subject-98. Grace Leiyachon Jagoi talks with Meisum about her preparations for the exam, and her plans for further studies, inspirations and her dream to become an IAS officer in the future.

Meisum is a captive platform derived from the rich Tangkhul-Naga cultural and traditional heritage where ladies and gentleman gathered around the hearth in t…
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