Minister Dikho inspects landslide affected site: Restoration work begins

19 land owners are reportedly to be affected by the new cutting of the highway. Whole state is cut off from the rest of the world by the landslide that occurred at Khongnem Thana under Senapati district.

PHED Minister Losii Dikho had personally visited and inspected the landslide affected area at Khongnem Thana today for speedy restoration of the main lifeline NH-2. The minister was accompanied by district CSO leaders including the Naga People’s Organization, Senapati District Students Association, Senapati District Women’s Association in the presence of officials from BIPL, ministry of Road Transport, PWD and district DRDA.

Officials from Ministry of Road Transport who are at the spot apprised the minister for restoration works at the area with household survey completed, compensation agreed with the visit of the Addl. Chief Secretary (Works) who had visited the previous day and agreed upon land acquisition through land compensation from the Government.

They reportedly have been waiting for the Horticulture officials for the compensation as agreed with district DC. 19 land owners are reportedly to be affected by the new cutting of the highway. The minister had also asked the works in charged for speedy restoration of works along the route as soon as the rain stops as it is the main lifeline for people of the state. Another route from Karong Biisho was also discussed during the meeting for emergency passage before the new cutting gets over.

A short interaction was held with villagers of Khongnem Thana where the landslide occurred. Chairman of the village urged the Government to compensate the villagers at the earliest possible so as not to create any unwanted incident in future during restoration works. The village chairman further asked the favour of the PHED Minister to kindly look into the necessity of the villagers for proper water supply.

PHED Minister, Losii Dikho expressed gratitude to the villagers for the understanding to have agreed to vacate even their own house for the sake of restoring the NH when such natural calamity struck. At such a difficult time, fighting the pandemic, emergency medical services and other essential services cannot be avoided. The minister also sought the cooperation of all to complete the essential lifeline of the state at the earliest possible.

Representatives from the affected land owners draw the attention of the state Government to compensate at the earliest possible for they won’t own a house before the Government compensate them. He said that such agreement come only with an understanding for the larger interest of the public.

At the end of the meeting, PHED Minister Losii Dikho stated that the whole state is cut off from the rest of the world by the landslide that occurred at Khongnem Thana under Senapati district. He mentioned that the Government is taking up all the best effort to restore the sunken portion of the highway at the earliest possible. He expressed gladness over an understanding reached between the Government headed the Addl. Chief Secretary (Works) I. The presence of District Administration and village authorities the previous day. All necessary processes have been done.

As the minister came to oversee the latest outcome at the spot, he mentioned that he had met the concerned department adding all things are ready for restoration works. The minister had met the villagers including the affected land owners and expressed happiness to the state Government for taking up prompt action. The minister also expressed gratitude to the villagers for being co-operative.

Regarding the plea made from the villagers for proper water supply in the village, the PHED Minister assured the villagers about the water project under the initiative of the Prime Minister connecting water pipe to every household in the country adding the minister would send his departmental staff for survey and start the work process within no time.

As the minister left the spot, reports came that restoration works had commenced at the site in the evening. The minister had also met the District Frontal Organizations at Senapati District Women’s Association hall, Senapati on various developmental programs in the district

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