Naga and Kuki CSOs settle outrageous provocation

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Senapati: Nagas and Kukis civil body organizations reached an understanding on Monday as a result of the outrageous provocation and murder attempt involving the blatant firing of guns at NSCN, GPRN officials on September 27th last at Kangpokpi by one self-proclaimed KNF cadre.

After a long discussion, a settlement agreement was executed by Maram Thangal Council (MTC) representing the victim’s party and Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi (KIK), Sadar Hills Chief Association (SAHILCA) and Kuki Students Organization, Sadar Hills (KSO-SH) representing the accused.

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The accused family and Kuki CSOs surrendered the weapon to the region authority and the second party sincerely tendered an apology and asked for forgiveness before the members’ presence on behalf of the accused identified as one Thanglenmang Kipgen, aged about 38 years for the crime he had committed. Following this, the first party manifestedtheir willingness to accept the apology and settle the matter in accordance with customary laws.

In the spirit of restoring enduring peace, both parties have mutually agreed to settle the case as per the Naga customary law on the following terms and conditions that the second party shall duly initiate customary ritual to proceed with the final settlement at Ecological Park, Mayangkhang village on 7th October 2023.

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The second party will ensure that a befitting punishment shall be levelled against the accused for the crime he has committed and for intimating the Nagas allegedly in the name of KNF. Further, the second party shall produce an action taken report to the accused on 7th October 2023. The second party shall take moral responsibility and initiate necessary steps to contain and stop all kinds of intimidating, harassing and unabated extortion/illegal taxation in the entire Naga areas by the Kuki Militants.

Then, the second party shall ensure that, henceforth, the Kuki militants should stop loitering along the National Highways and around Naga villages with arms and camouflaged uniforms.

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In witness whereof, both the parties have appended their signatures in the presence of the Working Committee, UNC and Naga frontal organizations.

Signatories include A John, president, Maram Thangal Council, YK Kaping, president, Thangal Union, MS Jerome, president, Maram Union and Samson Remei, convenor, Working Committee, UNC representing the first party and Jamsei Haokip, president, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi, Seilet Haokip, vice president, SAHILCA, Minthang Kipgen, president, KSO-SH and Thangmilen Kipgen, vice president, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi.

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Addressing the media after the meeting, Samson Remei, convenor, Working Committee, UNC stated that the outrageous provocation of September 27 has been settled at the table of the Working Committee of the United Naga Council. The convenor mentioned that discussions between different CSOs of both Nagas and Kukis lasted for more than 4 hours to bring lasting peace between the two communities.

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